Empowering Spirit Wisdom

“Empowering Spirit Wisdom:
A Warrior of Light’s Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World” 

In, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Kevin Hunter relays heavenly guided messages for everyday life concerns. As a human soul, you require basic necessities to function and live a more prosperous life. The things that consume most people on a regular basis are relationships, health, home and career. Two of the biggest topics people ask about are about love and work. Everyone wants to be happy at their job and they want a successful partnership with a loving, soul mate. Heaven understands that it is not enough to be connected spiritually, but that you have practical needs as you function on Earth. Some of the topics covered in Empowering Spirit Wisdom are guidance and discussions surrounding your own soul, spirit and the power of the light, laws of attraction, finding meaningful work, transforming your professional and personal life, attracting in love, navigating through the various stages of dating and love relationships, as well as other practical affirmations and messages from the Archangels. Author, Kevin Hunter, passes on the sensible wisdom given to him by his own Spirit team in this light and inspirational book.

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Chapter 1 
The Soul, Spirit and Power of the Light

Chapter 2 
School for Human Souls and the Hell Dimension
Painting with God

Chapter 3 
Law of Attraction
Visualizing Your Reality
Thoughts Produce Circumstances
Money, Success, Abundance

Chapter 4 
Transform Your Work Life

Chapter 5 
Disconnecting and Eliminating
Stay Away From Noise
Full Moon Releasing
Your Light is Power

Chapter 6 
The Power of Love and Relationships
Messages on Love
Invite Love Into Your Life

Chapter 7 
The Secrets to Successful Relationships

Chapter 8 
Stages of Coupledom
Casually Dating Vs. Exclusively Dating
Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Marriage, Civil Union, Commitment

Chapter 9 
Random Messages from Spirit
Power of Prayer
The Ego’s Wrath
Cord Cutting
Take Care of Your Body
Dancing and Singing
Twin Flame Love

Chapter 10 
Messages from the Archangels
Messages from Archangel Michael
Messages from Archangel Raphael
Messages from Archangel Gabriel
Messages from Archangel Uriel
Messages from Archangel Nathaniel
Messages from Archangel Jophiel
Messages from Archangel Raziel
Messages from Archangel Ariel
Messages from Archangel Haniel
Messages from Archangel Azrael
Messages from Archangel Metatron
Messages from Archangel Sandalphon
Messages from Archangel Raguel
Messages from Archangel Chamuel
Messages from Archangel Zadkiel
Messages from Archangel Jeremiel
Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa



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