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I’ll be posting a different ‪Tarot‬ card soon in order to discuss each one.

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All souls have varying ways of communicating with the other side. Some may be more open to seeing other souls that have departed (‪#‎clairvoyance‬), while others can feel them (‪#‎clairsentience‬. You have those, such as myself, who hear them (‪#‎clairaudience‬), as well as those who know they are present without questioning it (‪#‎claircognizance‬). I have been hearing them for as long as I can remember.

Some use divination tools for confirmation of the messages they receive. Calling someone up with your telephone is similar to a divination tool. Spirit can deliver messages to you in a variety of ways, such as through your senses, through signs, symbols, and numbers or through the use of a divination tool such as an Angel Board, Tarot or Oracle deck. The tools are used to communicate or confirm what the reader is picking up on.

I’ll be posting a different ‪#‎Tarot‬ card soon in order to discuss each one. There are 78 cards so it will be over the course of time. Stay tuned.

~  Kevin Hunter

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The Big Book of Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

This is an enjoyably larger detailed companion book to accompany your Angel Tarot Deck, which is sold separately.  Other Tarot products have been known to sell a larger companion book sold separately from their deck.  One of my favorites who did this is the Tarot Illuminati.  Like the Illuminati, the Angel Tarot Deck comes with a small companion book, but when you love and enjoy a deck so much, you want to read more about the detail, the choices and descriptions that were put into that work.  Some of us enjoy reading additional information about a particular deck we love beyond just the small companion book that typically accompanies it.  

This Big Book of Angel Tarot covers a wide variety of topics from the history of the Tarot, the spiritual history of the divination tool, the reasoning behind changing some of the names on the Major Arcana cards in the Angel Tarot Deck, as well as a walkthrough of spreads you can use. There is also a walkthrough of each of the Major Arcana cards called, “The Dreamer’s Journey”. There is also a walkthrough of each of the Minor Arcana cards, including the court cards, the suits, the elements, the aces, twos, threes, and so forth. This is a big book with more detail that isn’t included in the small companion book that comes with the deck. The instructions in this are read much like a course manual for those that use cards to read for clients or themselves.

The Big Book of Angel Tarot also dives into noticing the patterns of cards you might get in a reading, to the symbolism found on each card, to its astrological significance, to the angel numerology meanings, to predicting timing in a read, and to the Archangel meanings associated with each of the Major Arcana cards. There was a ton of effort put into this and it shows. It’s presented in a simplified enough way so that a beginner can understand. It doesn’t get mired down in language that is difficult to grasp. I’ve read a ton of Tarot books over the years and sometimes I read the descriptions they give for the cards in them and they’ve lost me half way through. The information in this book and the descriptions of each of the 78 Angel Tarot Cards are conveyed in an easy to identify with manner. There is a peaceful spiritual bent to the descriptions in this book which was the point of creating a Tarot deck like this. This book makes for an excellent larger reference book to accompany your Angel Tarot Deck if you’re a fan of that deck.

If you’re an advanced reader, I found this to be an enjoyable read and picked up on stuff I never knew or thought of in all the years I had been studying the Tarot.  I love all points of view in the subjects I enjoy and this book offered additional insight and another perspective into the Tarot.  I have many Tarot decks and the images don’t bother me the way they might with others, but I have encountered some who shy away from particular cards I throw in front of them. I can’t tell you how many times someone has seen a darker card in front of them and they’ve protested, “What is that?!!”  When there is enough discomfort they’re giving off, I will usually pick up the Angel Tarot deck which has the softer images.  I’ve recommended the Angel Tarot deck and now this book to those who are curious about diving into the Tarot, but express concern or doubt.  Of course I have corrected them that despite some decks that have the harsh images on them, the meaning is not as harsh as they appear. The author’s of this book do also bring that up in this which I liked.

When I’ve offered those uncomfortable with Tarot the alternative to check out the Angel Tarot card deck and book, they have displayed a sudden enthusiasm and excitement. The Tarot is for anyone who is interested in diving into the craft. Learning the Tarot is a lifelong pursuit and I think it’s important to get all points of view.  Tarot is a great tool for anyone who wants to awaken their senses and intuition.  

Purchase Big Book of Angel Tarot here.

~  Kevin Hunter

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The role of an ethical psychic reader is to guide and inform

Searching for the right psychic reader can be challenging and much like searching for the right Doctor! Readers read in a variety of ways. Some are angel readers, some are fortune tellers, others channel messages from the other side, some use objects while others use nothing but their own body. There will be a synastry between you and the reader that feels comfortable for you both. No reader should ever tell you what to do. If they are, that should be a red flag. For example, they should never instruct you to leave someone unless of course that person is abusive. The role of an ethical reader is to simply guide you or inform you of what they are seeing about a particular person or situation in question. They should remain completely objective and neutral in your situation. It is up to you to decide on your next course of action. You have your own free will choice to decide on what’s best for you.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Be fearless and don’t shy away from taking a risk. The Emperor.

“Angel Tarot Deck” by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

The Emperor in the Tarot is someone who is an authority figure. This can also be someone in your life who can help you or it can be you. If it’s you, then this is about being assertive and confident right now. Although we say follow your heart, in this instance, you are asked to rule from your mind and use logic. Find the best course of action and weigh the pros and cons of a major decision you’re about to make. Take back the power and control you’ve given away to anyone else and be your own authority figure. This is your life. Live it for you.

The Emperor card dominates all of the court cards including the Kings. He is way up their ruling it all. He can be difficult to impress and rules with an assertive iron fist. He’s the guy or girl you see running corporations as CEO’s and executives. These are take charge kind of people. This is what you must do. Rule your life and use precise decision making at this time. Get organized, create some structure around you and be the leader that you were born here to be. Be fearless and don’t shy away from taking a risk. If you want to date someone, go after them and ask them out. If you want to start a new business, do it!

Archangel Michael represents this card because he is all of these things and more. One of his many specialties is helping you have complete confidence in your life. Ask him for assistance when you feel your confidence is wavering or you’re feeling doubtful and hesitant to make a move out of fear. Michael will eradicate that fear if you ask him to. He sits on a throne in this card overseeing it all, but not as a passive watcher. He’s gauging and forming his next move which he will go after with great veracity and without fear, doubts or hesitance.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Relationships are tested while powerful changes and personal transformations happen in your lives at this time

There are tons of transformations going on in many of your lives right now.  The Venus Retrograde planetary transit is playing a small, yet important part in this to an extent.  The Venus Retrograde forces you to examine your current relationships in a deeper way.   Are you fulfilled in your relationship?  Is it causing unnecessary stress for a prolonged period of time?  These are a couple of the questions that you may find yourself asking now.  Relationships that are tested are all relationships such as love, friendships and even business connections.  Anywhere there is a connection with someone else; it may likely be faced with more scrutiny than ever at this time.  Of course the relationships that are specifically challenged are the ones that have had some measure of instability to begin with. 

The couples who are always doing great will simply ride through this transit.  Although they may find that their connection is actually deepened even more.  We’ll be feeling these effects through the end of the month.  In February, you’ll know if your relationship is meant to continue or dissolve.   The healthier route would be to first work on what you have as long as both parties are willing to save it by putting in the effort.

The problem that is causing some bigger turbulence than the actual Venus Retrograde is the current Uranus T-Square with Pluto transit, which formed in December.  This is what is causing the most upset heightening the effects of the Venus Retrograde.

Uranus and Pluto are cool, emotionless and detached planets.  The disturbance it ignites out of this distant feeling causes deep upset or unsettling emotions.   A T-Square is a super tight antagonistic opposition.  This is where any struggle you might be experiencing this past month or so is truly coming from.  In this position, Uranus tends to prompt someone to act recklessly out of character.  They may be more selfish than usual or screaming for some kind of independence.  Uranus typically leaps without thinking.  This can cause issues in your interpersonal relationships.

Pluto wipes the slate clean and eliminates people and circumstances out of your life without warning.  When you have Uranus and Pluto in the boxing ring together, it’s going to be testy and cause turmoil.  The bright side is these planets are responsible for transforming you and your life into something better.  It first needs to rip the old out first because you won’t do it for a variety of reasons.  The culprit is usually fear.  Fear of the unknown stops us from making drastic moves.  You likely know what area in your life has been tested for you in the last month or so.  This is where to look at as far as making positive changes in that area.

Within the last month I’ve been pulling the same cards for so many different people that only solidify that this is global.  The Tower card.  Ten of Swords card.  Judgement card.  These all point to major endings in your lives.  The ending can also be a particular way of thinking.  Maybe its time to dismantle your thought processes.  The “Judgement” card in the tarot points to a miraculous transformation experience after “The Tower” card has pulled what no longer works out of your life.  The “Ten of Swords” points to the worst being over and brighter circumstances are about to enter your life.   Be patient, stay focused and do not make any impulsive decisions based on erratic emotions.  This all too shall pass.  Ask your spirit team for guidance and to show you signs of where to direct your attention towards.

I’ve included the image of the “Life Experience” card from the Angel Tarot deck.  It’s the equivalent of “The Tower” card, but a much more peaceful and optimistic image of what the outcome will be.  It’s not entirely gloomy as the sun is peering through and brightening up the flowers in front of Archangel Chamuel.  It is the dawn of a new day on the horizon.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Archangel Power Tarot Review. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

This is a beautiful and lush colored tarot deck with rich images ripe with detail.  Whenever I pull the same card twice, I notice something different in it that I had not noticed before.  I was super impressed with the energy of this deck and immediately fell in love with it.

The Archangel Power Tarot is a different type of Tarot deck to add to the mix of other great Tarot and Oracle decks out there.   This deck combines the wonders of Angel Oracle Cards with the other ancient divination tool of the Tarot.  Each card displays a few phrases surrounding the basic meaning of that particular card underneath the image of the card.  This makes it easy for a beginner to use this deck as a Tarot learning tool.  Expert Tarot users may not find it to be a distraction as they can simply ignore the words on the card while focusing on the image and/or the name of the card.  The phrases are not obtrusive.  The actual image on the front of the card is surrounded by a light gold border.  This really lends it some extra magic and bite.

There are 78 cards in this deck just as there are with the traditional Tarot.  There are some similarities to the traditional Tarot, but there are also some slight differences.  Like the traditional Tarot, this deck includes 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 suit cards.  The suit cards in a Tarot deck are typically Fire/Wands, Water/Cups, Earth/Pentacles, Air/Swords.  This deck doesn’t display the element or suit on the front of the card, but rather uses a prominent Archangel to represent each element or suit.

For example:

Archangel Gabriel is used as the Fire/Wands suit

Archangel Raphael is used as the Water/Cups suit

Archangel Ariel is used as the Earth/Pentacles suit

Archangel Michael is used as the Air/Swords suit

The cards read like this: Ace of Michael, Two of Michael, Three of Michael, Page of Michael, Queen of Michael, etc.

The choices of which Archangel to use for each suit makes sense since Archangel Gabriel is typically an action and creative oriented Archangel just like the Fire suit in the Tarot.  Archangel Raphael is the healing angel, but also works with people in their love relationships as well as healing emotional wounds.  He represents the feeling relationship oriented Water/Cups suit.  Archangel Ariel is the Archangel to call upon when looking to manifest concrete material, career and financial needs.  Naturally she represents the Earth/Pentacles suit.  One of Archangel Michael’s specialties is cutting to the heart of things.  It’s no surprise to find that he is the Archangel representing the Air/Swords suit here.  The Air/Swords suit tends to be the suit that deals with a lot of issues that are born out of fear.  Archangel Michael is the one to bring into your life when you are experiencing fear of any kind.

Each suit uses a different color on that card that is associated with that particular Archangel’s color energy.  The Fire/Wands/Archangel Gabriel suit of cards is a copper color.  The Water/Cups/Archangel Raphael suit is a green color.  The Earth/Pentacles/Archangel Ariel suit is a pink/rose color.  The Air/Swords/Archangel Michael suit of cards are an Indigo Blue color.  The Major Arcana suit are violet which is a spiritual awakening color.  Each of the Major Arcana cards are represented by a different Archangel that specializes in the traits associated with the basic meaning of that particular card.

Some of the Pages and Knights are male while half are female.  Of course the Pages and Knights can be either male or female when you are doing a reading.  The same goes for a Queen or King.

For the most part, the Archangel Power Tarot is similar to the traditional Tarot.  There are some Major Arcana cards that have been changed.  The meaning and image you would find on that particular Tarot card has stayed relatively the same, but the name of the Major Arcana card has been changed to another word or phrase than what is known in the traditional Tarot.  This may turn off some Tarot expert users or may be a welcomed change depending on your tastes.

All of the Major Arcana cards match what is traditionally known to be in Tarot.  The Major Arcana cards that have been changed are the following:

“The Fool” card has been changed to “Leap of Faith”

“Judgement” card has been changed to “New Beginnings”

“The Tower” card has been changed to “Change Your Life”

“The Hierophant” card has been changed to “Divine Guidance”

“The Devil” card has been changed to “Decision”

“Temperance” card has been changed to “Solutions”

“The Hermit” card has been changed to “Epiphany”

“Death” card has been changed to “Peace”

“The Hanged Man” card has been changed to “Perspective”

Although this may confuse some initially, when you really examine it, the new names are similar to the traditionally known name.  “The Tower” card in Tarot might mean someone’s current world is being dismantled in some way, but when that happens you are prompted to “change your life” in an even better way.  “Death” card is not as horrifying as it sounds.  It is or can be an ending of something that doesn’t serve your greater good.  But what happens when this takes place?  You very well might find “peace”.

A guidebook with additional meanings of each card is including in the package.  This deck is just like the name, “Archangel Power Tarot”.  Not only will you grow to become more familiar with some of the prominent Archangels in the Heavens, but the “power” in the deck is that it prompts you take action.  This is an action oriented deck that offers solutions to your most pressing answers.  This is a great deck for those looking for a softer or gentler Tarot deck that has an angelic spiritual bent.  However, don’t mistake softer and gentler for something weak.  This is a powerful deck that whips you into shape and into action.  I highly recommend adding this to your collection.  It’s a lot of fun, easy to use and extremely inspiring at the same time.  Once you become accustomed to some of the new names it isn’t long before you’re off and running with it.

Purchase Archangel Power Tarot here



~  Kevin Hunter

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Break away from the self-imposed prison you’ve constructed for yourself. Seven of Swords; Angel Tarot.

Many get uncomfortable when they receive an Air or Swords card.  Some even attribute it to something negative.  Air represents mental properties so it’s not really negative.  Our thinking processes tend to be the biggest culprit and cause of any unhappiness in our lives.  You may not get a blissful “Sun” card today that promises celebrations and rewards, but a Swords suit card shines a light on specific areas that we’re not paying attention to that need some modifications.  Those adjustments will then lead you to the Sun and the happiness.

The Seven of Air can represent something done in secret or wanting to be alone.  When I get a relationship question in a read where someone is asking me if the person they are with is faithful, the “Seven of Air” card tells me that they are indeed with someone who is not being entirely faithful.  The surrounding cards will give me more information surrounding where the deceit is taking place.  If it’s next to a “Three of Cups” card then that can really hammer home that there is a third party in the mix.  But if it’s next to “The Dreamer” card then that person can simply be deceiving themselves.  In that respect, it can be you who is being deceitful simply with your own thoughts.  Are you procrastinating?  Are you feeling like you’re running around in a circle going nowhere just like the Unicorns in this image?  It’s time to work on breaking away from the self-imposed prison you’ve constructed for yourself.   In the image of this card, a couple of the Unicorns have broken away from running around in a circle getting nowhere and they found another path to go down.

The “Seven of Air” card tends to pop up for everyone at some point during the Mercury Retrograde cycle and that’s what this card means today.  This is about breaking away from anything that is holding you back from moving forward. You may need to go back and re-examine what it is you want and how it is you are going about obtaining it.  We are still in the Mercury Retrograde cycle so this is the perfect time to go back and look at what needs to be modified in your life.  After July 20th, take that new enlightened information and run with it.  Then you will be that much closer to reaching the Sun.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Nine of Wands; Nine of Fire – Angel Tarot. Forge on in Battle.

This is a weekend of forging on! The Nine of Wands came up for everybody at this time. If you have been battling something, whether it be an issue, person or organization, you have the inner strength to continue on. The woman in this card stands as if she is a military sergeant. She is in the middle of battle and not backing down. Behind her is a fiery and fierce dragon that fights with her at her side. She is a warrior. The treasure of abundance next to her shows five wands of fire in it. She is nearing the end of battle and will win seeing it through.

This is a reminder to keep on going with whatever it is you’re at odds with. You WILL persevere. It may feel like you are weary from a particular struggle, but you are reminded that you are more powerful than you are giving yourself credit for. Your ego wants to convince you that you cannot do it or that you will not make it. Those thoughts are not based in reality because you can do and have anything you choose in this life. You just have to fight for it. Sitting on your couch all day drinking beer will not make it happen. Get up and get out there in the battlefield and claim what is yours.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Ten of Air; Ten of Swords. The worst is over. Say hello to a better life.

The Ten of Air is the card for us all as a whole. It is fitting as we leave the heavy Mercury Retrograde energy. It is actually still being felt by so many people right now as so many have relayed to me. What they are all now experiencing are feelings of lethargy, being worn out and just plain tired all around. This feeling will pass soon. It is really the trickled remains from Mercury switching positions in the sky. It is making many of us sluggish.

During the Mercury Retrograde into the first few weeks of March you likely had been faced with an overload of information and of feelings being erupted to the surface. The Ten of Air card is telling us that the worst is over and that what you likely went through was absolutely necessary. The gold lights around some of the unicorns in this card are representative of an increased personal power here. You had to go through some ugliness or even delays to grow internally. You will notice in the image that those particular unicorns have gained this wisdom and are headed in a different direction now. They are headed towards enlightenment and a grander life, while the other two in front are still hanging at a stand still. Those two will soon follow the rest of the herd in that direction once they have accumulated the necessary knowledge of what they went through the last few weeks.

You may have experienced loss, victimhood or had to face things you wish you did not have to or did not want to know. Even if you have felt some pain or hurt, it is time to let that go and accept defeat. This way you can move forward to brighter pastures. This is a card of out with the old and in with the new. It is a card of something major having been happened to you that you had to deal with recently, but now things are looking up! As they say there is only way to go from here and that is indeed up. Make your peace with whatever has happened and bring it to closure. Accept the lesson you were meant to learn or gain and release it moving on into the light of happier times up ahead.

~  Kevin Hunter

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