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Kevin Hunter Books

Kevin Hunter is the author of numerous spiritually based books attracting in loyal readers from all corners of the globe.  He is also a love expert, sage, and clairaudient, claircognizant, channeler residing along the coast of Southern California. 

Professional Bio:

Kevin Hunter is an author, love expert, and channeler.   The majority of his works are in the metaphysical genre.  His spiritually based empowerment and inspirational books include, Warrior of Light, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Realm of the Wise One, Reaching for the Warrior Within, Darkness of Ego, Ignite Your Inner Life Force, Tarot Card Meanings, and Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

The warrior of light series of pocket books include, Spirit Guides and Angels, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Divine Messages for Humanity, Raising Your Vibration, Connecting with the Archangels, Four Psychic Clair Sense, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Kevin grew up in an abusive violent household, which propelled him downward into a sea of addictions to escape through alcohol, drugs, or anything else he could get his hands on. A lifelong sufferer of social anxiety and ADD, he managed to find the one positive thing that was always constant, which is a focused clear connection with his Spirit team on the other side. As a result, with their help he began writing out the many ways they’ve positively helped him throughout his life and how they can help those interested or ready for it. Kevin has been hailed to be a strong forceful wise one that is supremely direct. His divinely guided books are intended to inspire, enlighten, and empower those suffering or struggling in the physical world.

His others books include the dating handguide which is one half practical and one half spiritual, Love Party of One, the horror/drama, Paint the Silence, and the modern day trashy beach love story, Jagger’s Revolution. His books tend to have a strong male protagonist where he tackles a variety of subjects.

Kevin has been featured and discussed in three books by best selling spiritual author, Doreen Virtue called, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, Angel Detox, and Living Pain Free.

Pre-Author Professional Bio:

Kevin began work in the entertainment field weeks after his 23rd birthday joining one of Hollywood’s most respected actors at the height of her box office fame, Michelle Pfeiffer.   The sharp, film-literate worked as her development dude at her company, Via Rosa, where he read and provided coverage on potential projects searching for strong female driven characters-no victims.  He worked through the company’s development and film productions of One Fine DayA Thousand Acres, and The Deep End of the Ocean.

After a number of years, Pfeiffer dissolved her company, and Kevin made an immediate move into coordinating Film Productions for some of the major Hollywood studios.   With a strong work ethic, he continued to hammer his name into stone in the film industry working with some highly well known talent, producers, and directors while adding to a mounting list of production credits.

Some of his other film work credits includes Antonio Bandera’s directorial debut of, Crazy in Alabama, Via Rosa’s Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, The Perfect Storm with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Dr. Dolittle 2 with Eddie Murphy. He subsequently reunited with Pfeiffer’s ex-producing partner, Kate Guinzburg, at her short-lived company with veteran Producer, Martin Bregman (Scarface, Serpico), to assist in bringing the Julia Stiles and Shirley MacLaine film Carolina through development and production.

After  years of working on back to back films, Kevin transitioned into work as an author as he entered his 30’s and beyond.   He started out writing essays about love, dating, relationships, and sex before primarily becoming a spiritual author and teacher.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Remembering Robin Williams while touching on depression, suicide and the sensitives of the world

Actor/Comedian Robin Williams had a super large heart. He was a bundle of love joy with an energy that was infectious. He’s left the world a legacy and catalog of wonderful movies behind that showcase his brilliant talent.

It’s a shame he gave up so soon, as he was so young with immense possibilities ahead of him. I’m often asked how is that a person’s angels and guides do not stop something like suicide from happening. This is asked as if Heaven isn’t doing anything on their end to stop it and merely sitting there twiddling their thumbs. Human souls have free will choice in order to learn and grow. No heavenly being can intervene without permission.

Where suicide is concerned, the soul’s angel and guide are doing what they can to ease that soul’s heart and convince them not to do something that will prove fatal. However, as you know, when you’re experiencing negative emotions such as depression, anger, fear or upset, then you’re not picking up on anything outside of yourself, let alone your own Spirit team. You’re only hearing the shouting negativity of your own thoughts which spreads in your mind like a Cancer.

It isn’t uncommon for comedians to suffer from depression, let alone entertainers and especially actors. They are highly tuned in psychic sensitive sponges able to walk in someone else’s shoes. They hold the least amount of judgment by being able to look at a cruel person and find that person’s heart when playing a character. Having grown up and worked in the entertainment business with notable names I saw them as just like everybody else. They have great success, talent, but they are struggling with internal issues just like much of the rest of the world.

Depression, anxiety and highly sensitive people are not reserved to comedians and entertainers. A great deal of human souls born into this lifetime and those beyond are ultra sensitive. They’ve been planted on Earth or I should say plopped in the middle of a battlefield. Hostile and barbaric human souls surround the sensitives in this world tampering and wreaking harsh energy that causes long term side effects on the more evolved souls.

Robin Williams was bullied growing up by other kids. He chose to turn the dark into something light by making jokes about it and everything else as a defense mechanism. This wasn’t enough as the damage was still there untreated, so he filled the dark sides of him with drugs and alcohol. The physical life became too overbearing on his sensitivities. He was growing older and his previous marriages were costing him a fortune long after they were over. The great movie projects to work on were coming in less and less.

Our lives rarely stay the same. Circumstances are always changing and although it can be tough navigating through these changes, you don’t have to do it alone. Call on your heavenly team of guides and angels who are on stand by to make these changes more manageable. Be open to knowing that change is good. Maybe you’ll need to downsize or budget more efficiently, but a simplified life is all human souls really need. When you leave here, you’re not taking anything with you. You’re not even taking your clothes or toothbrush.

Robin Williams incarnated from the Realm of the Leprechauns, which is half Elemental and half Wise One. He has that warm mischievousness in his eyes that dance with humor. He vacillates from the practical joker to the deathly serious. This is evident in his film choices. He’s played the fun, lighthearted Elemental type roles such as Hook, Popeye, Aladdin, Jumanji and Mrs. Doubtfire to the serious Wise One teaching roles in Awakenings, Dead Poet’s Society, What Dreams May Come and Good Will Hunting. Like the Leprechaun, Robin has also battled with alcohol addiction most of his life. He’s teetered on that fine line of presenting the light to the world while battling the internal dark.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The content in the books, “Warrior of Light” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” is
available in the Warrior of Light series of mini-books:

Official Statement from the Ottawa Council’s office regarding Jamie Hubley’s suicide

This past Friday, our family suffered one of the worst experiences that can happen to a family when we lost our boy — Jamie. To make this even more difficult, his death was a result of suicide.

I would like to thank all the family and friends that have been helping us get through these very difficult days. Very special thanks to everyone that came out in the rain to walk every foot of our community to look for our boy. The outpouring of support has shown us that our angel was loved by many and we were not the only people to witness his beautiful spirit.

Jamie was for most of his life a very happy and confident child. He was a compassionate person always looking to help others and didn’t have a mean bone in his body. Jamie often worked with me on community events and our many efforts to help others were made more effective with his ideas. From a very young age he wanted to make a better community and a better world.

He was a championship figure skater for years and was just beginning to excel as a singer. He enjoyed acting as well. He had a wide circle of friends and was involved in many different clubs and groups both in and outside of school. James’s family and friends unconditionally supported and accepted him for who he was and whatever direction he wanted to go in life.

James had been suffering with depression and was receiving care from doctors at CHEO and counselors. These professionals, along with James’s family and friends, were trying to help him learn to cope with his depression and other issues one of which was his struggles with his sexuality. He struggled with the idea that people can judge you harshly even when you are trying to help others. Jamie asked a question no child should have to ask – why do people say mean things to me?

Although James had a great many people who loved and supported him, something in his mind kept taking him to a dark place where he could not see the positive side of life, which lead him to this drastic and tragic decision on Friday. Jamie is free of his pain now and there is a new angel but we have paid too high a price.

There are some reports in the media and on social media that James was bullied. This is true. We were aware of several occasions when he felt he was being bullied. In Grade 7 he was treated very cruelly simple because he liked figure skating over hockey.

Recently, when Jamie tried to start a Rainbow Club at his high school to promote acceptance of others, the posters were torn down and he was called vicious names in the hallways and online. We had meetings with officials at the school and were working with them to bring an end to it but Jamie felt it would never stop.

We will not say that the bullying was the only reason for James’s decision to take his own life but it was definitely a factor. As his family and friends or even if you never met him but want to help, we must do whatever we can to wipe out bullying for any reason in our society and especially in our schools. Young people are very vulnerable and have enough pressures in life to have to deal with aside from the stress of being bullied. My family’s wish is that no more families have to suffer the unbearable pain of losing a child. No child should have to deal with depression or feel hated because of their beliefs — that is not the Canadian way of treating others.

Bullying doesn’t always take the form of physical violence. Especially today with cyber bullying on the Internet, children often feel there is no safe place to go; even when they are at home they can still be victims. Earlier I mentioned his posters being taken down. Many friends have offered to stand by the posters to ensure children that may want to meet and talk about issues that don’t harm others will be given the chance to do so. The school has made a promise to me that they will ensure the posters are protected. We hope from our tragedy others will become more active in stopping this cruelty towards children.

To this end, after my family and I have had some time to come to terms with the loss of our beautiful son James, I will be working hard to use my energy and public position to help bring awareness and resources to those groups working to stop the bullying and find a treatment for depression. Wendy and I have asked that all the people wishing to make a donation in Jamie’s memory can direct them to Youth Services Bureau’s Mental Health Walk in Clinic.

Over the years I have tried to help a lot of people and I was very proud that my beautiful boy was also learning the joy that comes from helping others. I need time to deal with the pain of not being able to save my precious boy and will speak more on his life and these issues later.

IN LOVING MEMORY: Jamie Hubley 15 yr. old commits suicide

Jamie Hubley 15 committed suicide. This is tragic. Another one and what are the parents and schools doing about this? If there is no supportive structure around these young people this is the end result. Being a teenager is hard enough to deal with than having no support system. If I could I would be each and everyone of their support systems since no other adult seems to be capable of doing it.

Jamie Hubley, a gay 15 year old from Ottawa, Canada, committed suicide on Friday.

The 10th grade student documented his life, including his depression and the hardships of being a gay teen, in a blog, reports the Ottawa Citizen.

The blog, called “You Can’t Break… When You’re Already Broken” featured posts with numerous references to and photos of self harm and cutting, pictures of guys kissing and mentions of wanting a boyfriend, and bleak, ominous messages like “Sometimes I wish the breeze would just take me with it,” “The only thing worse than being hated is being ignored. At least when they hate you they treat you like you exist,” and “Suicides is always an option.”

 Well…My name is Jamie, I live in Canada (Cold and I ride mutherfucking polar bears) I’m not really anything special, just depressed, I wish I could be happy, I try, I try, I try…I just want to feel special to someone. Im gay?! 😀 …I Fall way to hard when It comes to love +_+

Other posts revealed how difficult school was for Hubley:

“I hate being the only open gay guy in my school… It f***ing sucks, I really want to end it. Like all of it, I not getting better theres 3 more years of highschool left, Iv been on 4 different anti -depressants, none of them worked. I’v been depressed since january, How f***ing long is this going to last. People said “It gets better”. Its f***ing bull****. I go to see psychologist, What the f*** are they suppost to f***ing do? All I do is talk about problems, it doesnt make them dissapear?? I give up.”

His last post, which he wrote on Friday, paints a heartbreaking portrait of a boy looking for — and ultimately unable to find — acceptance:

Im a casualty of love.Well, Im tired of life really. Its so hard, Im sorry, I cant take it anymore.

First Id like to mention my friends Nancy, Abby, Colleen, jemma, and Kasia

Being sad is sad : /. I’v been like this for way to long. I cant stand school, I cant stand earth, I cant stand society, I cant stand the scars on my arms, I cant f***ing stand any f***ing thing.

I dont want my parents to think this is their fault either… I love my mom and dad : ) Its just too hard. I dont want to wait 3 more years, this hurts too much. How do you even know It will get better? Its not.

I hit rock f***ing bottom, fell through a crack, now im stuck.

My favorite singers were lady gaga , Adele , Katy perry, and Jessie james, Christina aguilara and most of all I think KASIA!!! I LOVED Singing, and she helped me a lot : ) Im not that good at it though :”/, Im going to miss you guys
(well You know who you are, But to the people who didnt like me (many) A big f*** you, Go ride a unicorn. But w/e I love you anyway.)

Remember me as a Unicorn :3 x) MAybe in my next life Il be a flying squirreel 😀

Il fly away.


I’m sorry Jamie found this to be the only way out.  You hear about little organizations like “It Gets Better” or superstars making bullying announcements, but its not enough.  I’ve said before that the “It Gets Better” campaign is merely a vanity organization to associate those that want us to believe they’re actually doing something.  It’s simply for notoriety.  I’ve stated also in the past that the “It Gets Better” campaign does not reach these kids and Jamie making that statement before he took his life only proves this point.  Its not reaching the parents, schools and lack of stable supporting social structures.  Religious groups are certainly one of the worst offenders I’m sorry to say.  So are certain presidential candidates who blatantly sweep the topic away like Michele Bachmann who said, “Passing a bill that prevents bullying isn’t worth the time.” as well as, “I think for all of us, our experience in public schools is there have always been bullies.  Always have been, always will be. I just don’t know how we’re ever going to get to the point of zero tolerance… What does it mean? … Will we be expecting boys to be girls?”

She creates a threatening environment for at-risk youth and clearly isn’t concerned about the kids.  As a public speaker she has an obligation to unite everyone with her voice.

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