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I’m a hundred miles an hour on a dirt road running away.  Was in Joshua Tree for our private spiritual retreat during the third week of September, where I basically stepped into the role of King of this ranch castle.  Would you expect anything less of me?  The entire patio stretched across into oblivion where it overlooked a 180 degree view of part of the Twenty-Nine Palms Desert that had basically kept me outside indefinitely.

The actual Joshua Tree National Park, which is the size of the state of Rhode Island, came up right behind us.  The wonderland of rocks towered upwards to various skyscraper sizes that cradled our space in this magnificent biblical display that makes you want to fall to your knees in awe. These tiny photos are minuscule compared to what we were looking at.

I felt very tiny in this space, it was kind of daunting.  I no doubt could’ve easily develop a Napoleon complex. Oh wait, I already have one according to rumor mythology that I have yet to apologize for. Our goal was and had been to heal, transcend, and skyrocket beyond time and space.  We did this successfully.  🙏🙌❤️