Nature power places offer quiet contemplation through Divine spirit connecting

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Bottom right hand corner is another place we’ve stayed at for a different desert experience. It’s owned by a spiritual photographer and artist I’ve known who calls it the Zen House and for good reason. It feels as if you’re away from everything because you are!

There’s a consistent desert breeze running through the home every second. There’s nothing like breathing in calming uplifting fresh nature air. You are enveloped by out of this world views that feels like one great big hug. The winding road towards the right takes you into the Joshua Tree National park minutes away.

At night the symphony howling of coyotes rises up towards the evening sky that’s brighter above than below. Shooting stars, constellations, and some planets are in plainer view. Plus there are mountains of rock climbing behind the house which satisfies the physically active restless side of me. I took this photo from the initial climb.

There are various reasons I love all nature power places. It offers quiet contemplation through Divine spirit connecting. It also gives you an injection of clarity along with a wider perspective that can easily get lost when you fall into the superficiality or the mundane of physical life.



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