As a natural born clairaudient, how can you develop it?

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoorAs a natural born clairaudient, some like to know how to develop it. It was never something I had to develop because it was always there, but there is a tip I can give towards more spirit psychic hearing awareness.

Some of the ways of fine tuning your clear hearing Clairaudience psychic sense channel would include listening to sounds that are typically grating on a sensitive person. For the purpose of understanding the distinctive differences between the psychic channel and physical channel it’s helpful to do this for a few minutes at a time on a regular basis.

Perk up your ears hearing the noisy symphonic physical sounds coming from the rumbling of cars, tires skidding, garbage cans banging, sirens going off, people talking or shouting, and so on. Notice the distracting energy on your phone and the things you aim your focus towards while on it. The key is being aware when it has become a distraction. Once you’re able to notice these differences, you not only realize how distracted the planet is, but you’re then able to work on dissolving those sounds from your mind to tune it out. When it is tuned out, the noise level of spirit begins to rise.

Spirit is already loud, but when it sounds as if they’re non-existent, far away, or muted, it is because you’re either blocked, or the sounds of the physical part of the world are turned up way too high around you. Those sounds include the noise of your own thoughts. It’s like you’re blasting your music at home while you and a guest are trying to talk over it. You keep saying, “What?” You then turn the music down a little in order to hear one another. Turning the physical distractions down enables one to hear the voice of Heaven clearer.


{From my book 📖Stay Centered Psychic Warrior”}



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