Clairsentient Clairvoyant psychic premonitions

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Part of being a psychic clear sense feeling Clairsentient is that I can go to bed happy, but then wake up buried and suffocating in anxiety and dread. This consists of sensing a darkness coming towards me, which indicates there is something unpleasant about to happen. It can be pertaining to me or someone else I know or don’t know. There is no way to stop the dread, because it’s a psychic premonition that doesn’t always have anything to do with me or with anything I’m doing. The psychic hit comes in like an avalanche of rocks tumbling down a mountain holding dark energy.

It will also sometimes start off as a Clairvoyant dream that starts off serene, but grows darker in its symbolism as it continues on. Typically within the next one to three days I’ll find out what the psychic sense was forewarning. The problem with a Clairvoyant dream is it comes through in symbolism and the Clairsentience hits will come through the senses. It’s not always being direct and exact as to what it is. The most direct way is when it comes through Clairaudience. All I know is it’s something unwanted connected to me or someone I know or will run into. Nine times out of ten it will happen within a day, but sometimes it could be within a few days after that. When that’s the case, then the dread continues throughout that time until it happens.


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