Partake in activities that bring you joy and make you smile

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You’ve likely had one of those laughing fits at some point in your life. You were also able to detect how that made you feel and the feeling was good. You could feel it through your entire being. Suddenly you were walking on clouds happy on life.

Some have commented that they could sense that infectious wonder just by hearing someone else’s laughing fit in the vicinity. Maybe it happened while you were at a restaurant, in a movie theater, or at work. You smile and look at whomever you’re with and share a telepathic acknowledgment that this laughing fit you’re hearing is irresistible.

While my work leans towards the serious teaching stuff, surprisingly it’s my offbeat, wise cracking, and offensive humor I use in my personal life that my spirit team consistently points out that Heaven enjoys and is entertained and amused by. The laughter and joy is an example of what raises your soul vibration. Partake in activities that bring you joy and make you smile and laugh.




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