Partaking and Practicing Mediumship: Transcending Utopia

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


Partaking in Mediumship entails raising your vibration to pick up on your Guide and Angel, while your Spirit team lowers their vibration to meet you half way.  You are living in the low-density mark, and they reside in the high, so you both meet half way, which is the medium mark.

Contrary to Biblical passages, Mediumship is not of the Devil and it’s not a sin, but it can invite in a negative entity.   Many human souls are conducting Mediumship without trying or wanting to.  They are naturally communicating with spirit or a deceased loved one because it is one of the many gifts human souls are born able to do, regardless if they believe in it or approve of it.   It doesn’t matter what your ego believes, because spiritual truth is constant.

Practicing Mediumship should be taken with the utmost seriousness due to the dangers of inviting in a negative entity.  Negative spirits do exist, but they do not exist in Heaven, which contains the highest love energy possible.  They reside in one of the numerous darker layers amidst the various spiritual planes and dimensions.  Many of these spirits are stuck roaming about in the Earth plane.  They strayed further from the Light avoiding it for fear of what their ego conscious mind imagines it to be.   Some of them will assume it’s full of judgment and punishment if they had been raised in a human upbringing that cemented that false assumption into their consciousness.  Other negative spirits will hang back on the Earth plane to aggravate a human soul by attaching itself to that person.   They might do this if the human being is an addict.   If the negative spirit was an addict as a human being, then it will want to continue with that addiction after passing on.  Therefore, it will coax the human being to use the addiction they had.

Negative spirits can and will make someone’s life miserable.  If you’ve been perpetually despondent and there are no mental health reasons for it, and it’s not your general disposition, then there could be a negative spirit in the vicinity seeping itself into your aura. Sometimes just by being in the same room as you can it infiltrate your soul.  When you reside in permanent fear, then you risk attracting in a negative Earth bound spirit.  Fear is what attracts a negative spirit to you as this feeds the negative spirit making it stronger in darkness.

All possibilities outside of that would need to be factored in.  You cannot automatically assume it’s a negative spirit, which is a deceptive trick the ego enjoys to conjure up to illicit fanfare.  You would need to examine your overall state of well-being, if you’ve had a history of depression and anxiety, or if a life circumstance threw a curve ball at you through the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or relationship, or any other details that cannot be explained away that prompted your disposition to become indefinitely negative.

This is about those who generally have a sunny optimistic disposition, where everything is going great in their life, but one day they wake up and moodiness sets in and they cannot figure out how or why.  It never seems to leave as the weeks and months pass.  Nothing in that person’s life can explain how this suddenly came about.  Doctor checkups reveal all to be well, diet was never changed, and no life altering circumstances took place.  There could be the possibility of a negative spirit that’s attached itself.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of it is to call in God, Jesus Christ, and the Archangel Michael to surround you with protective white light, and to extricate the spirit out of your vicinity and away from you, and take it into Heaven’s holy light.

Demonic spirit entities are inhuman and the worst evil imaginable. However, the odds of a demonic spirit being around anybody are slim having only about a 1% chance of appearing, but that’s 1% out of 7 billion.  The percentage of appearance is raised if you are someone that practices Mediumship, channeling, or psychic readings as that can awake it from slumber. This is why it’s crucial that you observe safe practices when it comes to psychic phenomena, including surrounding yourself with white light before you conduct a reading.

More people than ever before have been drawn into spiritual pursuits as well as the psychic phenomena field.  This is fantastic pending that it’s taken seriously and cautiously.  The challenging side to that with so many doing psychic work is there are readers who have negativity surrounding their aura that is spilling out of them.  There is indication they’ve invited a negative spirit feeder into their vicinity without realizing it.  As always use caution when you conduct your readings, and be sure to use safe psychic practice by shielding your space regularly and being disciplined about your environment, emotions, and surroundings.



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