Psychic Abilities Are Built Into All Souls

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


      All babies born should immediately be handed a guidebook that will help them navigate through an Earthly life with no problem.  This includes knowing to trust and call upon God and their angels while moving along their journey. Perhaps one could assume that every parent, guardian, and teacher would pass on this knowledge, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Human beings in general are imperfect, even though their soul is perfection.  They are learning along the way, otherwise they wouldn’t need to be here.   Many do not believe in Guides and Angels, an afterlife, God, or spirit beings.   While some believe in the possibility, others believe it’s forbidden, some are unsure, and the rest flatly believe in nothing.  They believe that when you die, you die, the end.

All souls are privy to the knowledge of being surrounded by at least one guide and one angel before being born into a human body.  Throughout the developmental phase in the first number of years as a child, and through the numerous physical experiences, it is inevitable that memory loss occurs where you suppress soul recollections due to physical Earthly life blocks.  The information never goes away, but is stored and accessible at some point in your life.  It may come through in sweeping chunks or sporadic snapshots.   Blocks are formed as the baby moves into childhood and beyond. By the time it reaches adulthood, you may be completely blocked causing complete amnesia oblivion unaware of worlds beyond Earth.  There are a great many souls coming into an Earthly life again who are learning to bring that part of themselves back.

There was once a time in Earth’s history when we didn’t have the foods, drinks, and negative emotional stresses that we have now.  We weren’t preoccupied by all of the physical material based distractions.  We spent more time outdoors and in nature, and the connections were clearer then. At the same time, more people are growing mindful of how these things negatively affect them.  They are experimenting with natural herbs and remedies to find the right products that help bring a greater sense of calm focused clarity.

Calm focused clarity is a state that so many are trying to achieve, but have fallen short of due to the break your back work mentality that many nations have adopted.  The current work life state is to work you to death until you drop or retire, then you’ve got a few good years to enjoy it far beyond your prime.  This isn’t about having an enormous time off to do nothing, which is one extreme where you risk falling into sloth mode, as discussed in my earlier book, The Seven Deadly Sins.  The opposite extreme is working more than you have time off when it should be equally balanced.  Balance your life in all areas where possible to achieve a greater sense of joy and peace. Avoid feeling guilty about the time off you do take for yourself, because guilt is another deadly sin that creates a spirit psychic block.

Being psychic is not a special power or gift, but an extrasensory ability that every soul is born with regardless of their personal human beliefs. This ability is similar to how a human being is born breathing to stay alive.  It’s a necessity and a part of the soul’s make-up the way the human body has organs to physically survive.   Everyone has some measure of psychic capabilities that vary from one person to the next, but no one is all knowing and powerful.  The soul consciousness has the competence to receive shreds of second-sighted information, flashes of insight, and sporadic foresight, some of which needs to be deciphered and pieced together by you.



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