“Glass” is a sequel to “Split” and “Unbreakable”

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A year ago, I posted about one of my top film picks of 2017 called SPLIT and that a sequel was in the works. GLASS is a sequel to two films, SPLIT and UNBREAKABLE. In GLASS, Bruce Willis reprises his “Unbreakable” role as an Empath vigilante with unbreakable physical strength, while Samuel Jackson plays a sinister man whose bones are breakable like glass.

The bulk of GLASS is devoted to James McAvoy, from “Split”, who plays a man that was so severely abused as a boy that he split into a couple dozen personalities, one in particular is a dangerous violent killing menace. GLASS rests on actor James McAvoy’s capable shoulders as he brilliantly inhabits someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is something I understand all too well. Never take your eyes off his eyes, because he’s so good that you can see his eyes shifting as he morphs into another self.

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy played one of the captured teen heroines in SPLIT. She shows up in GLASS displaying a kindred sympathy towards her former serial killer abductor that released her when he realized she had been abused as a child too.  GLASS is out now!  Split and Unbreakable are available on DVD or Streaming.
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