Noticing Divinely Guided Synchronicities

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     Notice the little synchronicities placed in front of you that lead to what you’re intended to take action on next.  Bumping into the same person repeatedly is no accident. This doesn’t necessarily mean colleagues where it’s expected that you would naturally be bumping into them daily, but it does mean that person you continuously bump into in passing on a beach, while shopping, at a park, on the sidewalk, at a coffee and tea shop, at the gym, and so on.  Consider if that person continues to notice you with a mutual glimmer in their eye as if to positively acknowledge you in a way they don’t seem to be doing with anyone else around.  Maybe it’s a new friendship, a love relationship, or acquaintance soul mate intended to relay a message to you that positively enlightens or shifts the direction on your path.  Perhaps it’s a new business networking connection, or maybe it’s the next long term love relationship.

Be open to the signs and symbols floating around your auric world that come through as messages from other people.  Sometimes these other people are not initially aware they are messengers. They too are picking up on the guidance and messages from their own Spirit team.

While driving one morning, I was listening to a popular open-minded preacher in an earpiece.   At the same time on my car stereo I had rock music playing low, which I could hear in my left ear that was open to hear external sounds.   The preacher pulled out a verse and said the number “seventeen”. At the same time the rock singer on the stereo sang the word, “seventeen”.  The synchronous way that the number seventeen was said at the same time alerted me to pay attention to it.  This is one example in how these signs and symbols sift in front of you to take notice.

When I mentioned this was an open-minded preacher, it wasn’t to be confused with those hate filled vengeance preacher’s that cast judgment on people, which I would never absorb or listen to.  This preacher focuses on love never uttering a hate filled word before.  The good ones are out there when you search for them.



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