Seeking Psychic Input From Others

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     When one thinks of psychics, they immediately connect that to someone being able to predict your future.  Your future is set based on your soul contract coupled with your free will choices.  You are creating and designing your own future.  Do you need someone to tell you when you’ll meet your next soul partner? Or when you’ll move into a new home or get that new job?   Avoid getting stuck in the cycle of waiting around for something to transpire.  Be proactive in making what you want happen.

You might go to an intuitive friend or a psychic to help give you the messages and guidance you seek that you’re unclear on, but it’s up to you to come to the answer on your own time.  Jumping ahead to get the answer instead of doing the work by moving through the troubling experience can be met with disappointment or confusion.

I’ve heard or read from others that a psychic reading they had was inaccurate or didn’t give them the information they sought out.  While others may say that it helped give them peace of mind, but only time will tell if it ends up coming to fruition.  If the reading helped give you a lift, then its job and intention were beneficial.   Sometimes talking it out with someone or receiving an objective point of view from someone who cares can help immensely.

When your life is not where you want it to be, then you seek out a psychic reader hoping to give you some good news.  It’s rare that one will go to a reader when they’re currently on cloud nine on all physical aspects of their life from career, love, finances, health, and home.  If you go to a poor psychic, then you can get sucked into the reader giving you false hope. You want to avoid the scam readers. Those might be the ones that overcharge you for their services, or tell you there is a curse around you that only they can lift if you pay them more money.  Avoid readers that consistently try to get you to purchase more stuff from them.  Those who are where they want to be will go to a reader if they love the craft or desire some fun uplifting soul affirming guidance, since everyone is a work in progress. There are endless stories of people who have a great career, tons of money, and a beautiful love relationship, yet they still feel unhappy inside or spiritually bankrupt.  This only further cements that true authentic happiness starts from within the core of your soul, then you expand that allowing it to work its way outwardly.



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