Pray Instead of Worry: Transcending Utopia, Kevin Hunter

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     Challenges can be easier to move through when you pray and ask for daily help and guidance.  This must also be followed up with you paying attention to the repetitive guidance coming in, then you take action on that guidance.  Often when you ask for help in prayer you will be guided to take action on something to help it along.  Pay attention to the recurring guidance asking you to take action on something. It will continue to come into your aura indefinitely until you do it.  This taking action step will never ask you to harm, hurt, or hate anyone including yourself.

Prayer is intended to help you move away from worry and fear. You invalidate a prayer when you continue to worry afterwards. The worry tells Spirit that you don’t trust their intervention and assistance and so you will continue to worry as a backup plan in case God doesn’t come through. When you receive repeated nudges after the prayer to take action on something, then take action.

Worry is a negative based emotion that makes you believe that something is not going to go according to plan.  Sometimes that can create a self-fulfilling prophecy and push what you desire further away from you.  You want to ensure that your thoughts and feelings remain positive that you will obtain what you desire.

Most don’t favor constant change as it disrupts the momentum they’ve become comfortable in. All human beings are equal in the end regardless of what they look like, where they are from, or what lifestyle choices they make. No one is better than anyone else even though each of the ego’s attempts to scream the loudest to let others know their way and opinion is the best route.  In the end, all the world hears is noise.   There is no Divine energy light that exists anywhere within that noise.

Others choose not to believe in a higher power when their prayers have gone unanswered.  I’ve had my own share of roadblocks, but there are numerous unseen reasons as to why prayers go unanswered.   When it’s a human souls time to pass on, praying can alleviate any hardship for that soul crossing over, but it won’t necessarily stop them from passing on, because eventually souls will pass on.  That soul might have agreed to pass on during that time in that way for a lesson they chose to learn.

There are various reasons that Heavenly requests are not always fulfilled. Sometimes what you’re requesting isn’t aligned with your higher self and may cause unseen harm or turmoil.  Other times there are pieces to the puzzle that need to be adjusted before something can come to fruition.  They may also have something better in mind that you’re not seeing.  One of the other reasons is you’re being guided to take specific action steps to help something come along, but you’re not pursuing it.  Follow the repetitive guidance and messages you’re receiving by taking action with the steps you’re given.

You’re wrestling with an issue, so you request heavenly intervention and assistance mentally or out loud in a prayer. It feels rushed or forced and your ego gets in the way convincing you that no one can understand or hear you from above. You are heard regardless of your state of being at that moment and whether or not you believe your request for help sounds messed up or garbled. With intention simply saying, “Heaven help!” has already formed the connection.

Observe humility, appreciation, and gratefulness.   When you experience testy times, it doesn’t help when your focus is on the drama swirling around you.  When you shift that energy into something positive, the drama grows less hostile as your higher self rises back up and takes charge.  Be appreciative for the good you have in your life now. This is shifting negative complaining words and thoughts into something positive. What you’re thinking and feeling now is what dictates the direction of how your life will go in the coming months.  Sometimes you can get caught up in what you don’t have instead of the good that you do have.

In prayer, learn to use the phrase, “Thank you.”

When your desires come to fruition remember to say, “Thank you.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the good that comes in. This is where you ignore where these blessings are coming from. The feeling behind being grateful is a high vibration energy, which attracts in more of the same.  Gratitude goes a long way towards manifesting higher feeling experiences.



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