Sensitivities Are A Gift From the Divine

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


Some have a tougher time moving through the feelings associated with a Divine message more than another psychic being might.  Usually someone that picks up on psychic input regularly each day will be used to it, regardless if it’s intense.  If you watch the same scary movie repeatedly, then you jump less at the scare parts than you had done when you first watched the film.

Part of being emotionally sensitive and in tune means developing emotional detachment.  This takes practice where you are spending time working on how you comprehend situations around you and learning to not take much if anything personally.  It’s re-training your mind on how it perceives circumstances whether in the physical or spirit worlds.  This can be difficult for a sensitive, an empath, someone ridden with anxiety, or a Clairsentient, because it’s their overall nature to feel the intense psychic input, the messages and guidance coming in, as well as other people’s energies.

As a clear sentient being, your goal is to gradually learn to not enter particular situations that you know will negatively tamper with your psyche.  This includes avoiding locations you know will be crowded.  You won’t go to the mall or a grocery store in the middle of the day on a weekend.  I have a Clairsentient friend who doesn’t go outside until nighttime when most people are back indoors again.  Although, in general he’s a night owl and doesn’t mind, but has said that he waits for people to go back inside so he can go outside without interference.  There are occasions where this is an annoyance, but there is no wiser alternative that efficiently aligns with his equilibrium.

Whenever you arrive somewhere and see a crowd of people and feel dread or anxiety every single time, then this is a sign that you have strong Clairsentience.  The extreme side of this fear manifests into social anxiety and/or agoraphobia, which can affect anyone regardless if you’re shy or highly sociable.

I’ve come across people on both sides of the spectrum from the introverted to the extroverted that have Clairsentience.  It’s less shocking to find an introverted person who has social anxiety or is agoraphobic, but there are also extroverted people who crave constant social stimulation and are outgoing, but are also exceptionally sensitive that it keeps them tied to the home base unable to be out in crowds let alone outside period.  They have a harder time because part of their outgoing nature desires constant people engagement, yet the sensitive part of them causes them to take caution and retreat.

The psychic input coming in from Heaven doesn’t bother me no matter how intense it is.  This is because the input is usually surrounded with a layer of love.   It’s other people’s energies that bother me, so I can’t be around that no matter how desperately someone might want me to.  I call on Archangel Michael to shield my soul with a layer of white holy light if I need to enter a nest of toxic energies on any given occasion.

Sometimes you can do everything possible to not be affected by psychic input and yet you’re still affected.   Mediums and psychics become used to the input over the course of their lifetime that they become less bothered by it, but it can still happen even for those who practice emotional detachment.   There are times where I am jarred by the psychic input coming in, but it’s a temporary jarring, and then it rolls off naturally on its own.  It’s not something I’m consciously aware I’m doing.   If it’s extreme, it can take its toll on me energetically.  In a sense, one can say it comes with the territory.  Requesting regular assistance from Heaven helps ease the feelings.  That means you ask them to shield you from this kind of dark energy daily.



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