Human Souls Operate on Different Levels

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     On Earth, there are hierarchy positions within some companies running from the CEO down to the executives, to the assistants, receptionists, and so on.   What is interesting is that even though a CEO on Earth may be financially successful, they could be spiritually bankrupt.  Their Earthly drive is for monetary success and nothing else.  They could be considered a baby soul in the spiritual world, while their assistant may actually be a realm soul who Heaven knows to be an evolved/evolving, advanced, post-graduate soul, which in the end is what lasts.   Only on Earth is the distribution of power imbalanced, or what human souls consider to being of power, since real power is spiritual competence.

A parent might be a baby soul ruling from the darkness of ego, while their child could be an evolving post-graduate soul who is much older in soul years than their own parent.  This would be obvious where the parent seems to be more childlike in its tantrums, and the child coming off more wise, centered, or compassionate than its parent.

All human souls will die and when that happens they will be buried just like every other human soul that passes on.  They will be buried without anything, but what they’re dressed in. Even that will tarnish and grow old over time covering a physical body that disintegrates into the Earth’s ground before becoming a set of bones.   The soul that continues to live on will exit that body and immediately move towards the part of their soul’s home where everyone is balanced.  There is no such thing as power to get ahead in Heaven, because all souls live in peace and harmony.  They’re not fighting or killing one another off to get ahead.

Upon human death, the assistant that worked on Earth moves to a higher space of consciousness than the CEO on Earth did due to him not growing his soul.  This is because in the spirit realms you move to areas where your soul group is.  The soul group consists of your soul siblings who have similar gifts as you do and who are on the same soul growth level. You head back home to Heaven upon your Earthly death with newfound insight you gained while on Earth.

Living an Earthly life you are forced to engage with souls who are on various levels of soul growth that may be similar or dissimilar to you. What is immediately understood for you is the chaos that ensues on the physical world.  Many souls on Earth struggle to get ahead and one up each other to prove they have the answers, when in reality few have only slices of truth.

Human beings ruling their life from the darkness of ego cause the majority of misery experienced.   If every single soul on the planet were in tune and connected with the Divine full time, while using their God given born traits of love, then Earth would be as blissful as Heaven.  This will unlikely happen since Earth is filled with Baby Souls.  Those newborn souls that sparked out of God were quickly born into a human body for the sake of learning and growth on Earth.

Children throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want and baby souls are no different.  A baby soul can be in the body of a 70 year old human being.  Just because the human being is appearing of older age it does not mean they’re wise.  It is still a baby soul who has experienced one lifetime at this Earth school. Depending how rapidly they evolved will determine where they will go upon their exit of the human vessel.

Some Earthly souls will display a higher range of their gifts than other souls, but it doesn’t mean that other souls are incapable of that. All souls are the same inside as they came from the same Light.  If they display less of the gift than another, then this is connected to having a block in the physical world, or it is compensated through having an ability displayed through another gift that someone else might have less of.  All are born into an Earthly life with specific psychic gifts that are extra enhanced than another in order for them to use that for the purpose of the higher good.  This benefit is also for them to pay attention to so that they can be guided along their Earthly path with minimal challenges as possible.

All souls will endure challenges as that is the nature of the beast that is the Earthly life.  Those more in tune to the planes beyond will work harder to access their deep gifts in order to be able to move about through any Earthly challenges swifter than someone else who ignores those gifts.





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