The Core Soul Groups: Baby Souls, Mid-Level Souls, Evolved/Evolving Post Graduate Souls

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


       Endless data of information exists in every soul’s contract.  This contract is more than a sheet of paper or the kind of contract you expect to receive for a job position.   The duties listed in a human job contract are not far off from the nature of the soul contract, which also lists duties and purposes you’re agreeing to work towards accomplishing for the benefit of your soul.  One core difference between the soul contract and a regular job contract is that you cannot get fired for not performing your soul duties.   Every soul contract is large enough to fill numerous large books that house each soul’s lifetimes on Earth, galaxies, and dimensions.  These books reside in a place we call the Hall of Records in Heaven.   Not only does the contract list your purposes and core events scheduled to take place, but everything you do or do not do is also recorded in this book.

While the terminology ‘spirit world’ is often used to illustrate the separate planes, in truth it’s much more grand than that. Some believe the spirit world to be filled with ghostly spirits roaming around.  On the contrary, it is the ultimate Utopian paradise that is an unbelievable spectacle.  It mirrors the nature settings and natural wonders on Earth, but is even more vibrant, lush, and magical than the human mind could comprehend.  It would have to be because why would a place full of 100% uplifting joy, love, and peace be less than the physical Earthly plane? The Earthly plane is a school set up that houses spirits of every variety in a human body.   All souls on Earth are students, with a smaller percentage being both student and teacher.  This is because even a teacher is a student learning new things while living an Earthly life.


There are three core human soul groups


•      Baby Souls. Those are the souls causing the greatest harm on Earth.  They use the maximum amount of darkness of ego.  They’re the ones that harm, hurt, or hate.  They start wars, incite violence, and destruction on the planet or on other beings.   Many are the criminals on Earth, but there are also souls who are not criminals, yet cause quite a bit of heartache or disaster on others.

•      Mid-Level Souls.  Those are the ones just trying to get by and survive.  They are trying to make it through an Earthly life.  Their purposes are geared towards working hard on one or many aspects of themselves.  They may be on the planet to live an Earthly life and follow the human customs of that time such as getting a job, getting married, buying a house, having kids, etc. At some point one of these souls may start to question life in general and possibly receive an awakening that thrusts them to graduate and begin moving to a higher soul level.

•      Evolved/Evolving Post Graduate Souls.  These are the teachers or the ones bringing light and wisdom to others on some level.  They enact positive change and tend to steer clear of the human ego trappings.   Some of them may be fully evolved and here to live an Earthly life while bringing something positive to the planet.  There will be other souls who are evolving out of the Mid-Level Soul branch and into this branch during their lifetime.  Those are the ones also living several lifetimes in one.  Many souls from the various realms that exist on the other side incarnate as an evolved or evolving soul to offer their services to the betterment of humanity.






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