How can you tell if your crush is crushing on you too?

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How can you tell if your crush is crushing on you too? Having obtained many of my crushes in the end, there were several unspoken giveaways that alerted me to their potential interest. One of them is similar to the images in this post. Have you guessed what it is yet?

One of the several top clues to determine if someone is really into you is if they have a great big SMILE whenever they see you. This is the kind of smile that lights up their whole face, with the teeth flashing, eyes crinkling and dilating and in a daze of flustered embarrassment. It is intoxicating enough to me to mumble, “Yep, easy Tiger, I got you.”

This type of admiration smile can also apply to friendships, acquaintances, business situations, etc. This kind of smile is typically seen during the first year of dating, maybe two. Once in a relationship beyond that, the gigantic smile is reduced to once in awhile for certain things, because then they’d just come off goofy if it was around the clock.

If the smile is no longer present in that big way weeks or even months into dating, then I would be suspicious, pending there isn’t any other dramatic chaos going on in their life to indicate something else. There are people who will suppress this smile as they don’t want you to know they have a deeper interest for fear of whatever, which I tend to fall into, making it challenging for them to detect I do have interest.

If someone is crushing on you, their smile will look like they’re posing for a dental commercial. If they do that in your presence each time they see you, then you have a good shot at nabbing them.

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