Guides and Angels reside in the dimension above the Earth’s plane

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Not all spirit beings have wings, and this includes angels, even though artists have been depicting angels with wings for eons. This is due to the light of the angel being so bright that it seems as if there are wings behind them. Angels appear how they want to for that specific person. Sometimes they appear as a human being that shows up to help you in some way, and then they vanish without a trace. Most angels typically appear as white and/or blue sparkling lights. They are androgynous and are not in a human physical form, even though they may appear that way to ease the human mind. Guides and Angels reside in the dimension above the Earth’s plane. It is easier to connect to them than if they were in one of the higher dimensions. Your Spirit team can see, hear, and feel you through this domain, but you will have a tougher time connecting with them in return due to the heavy density wall that separates these worlds.

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