Intensity and nostalgia rise as we move deeper into the throes of the Venus Retrograde

I coldly said to a friend of mine, “I’m sensing trouble in paradise and you’re not telling me about it. You know you can.”

He said, “Oh kev, I’ve forgotten. I’m sorry. I see you as someone with a hard shell is all and figured you wouldn’t want to hear it. And you are right, I am heart broken.”

I said, “Don’t be distracted by my remoteness, cut the foreplay, start talking, and tell me.”

He proceeded to open up about his current relationship turmoil, which is the Venus Retrograde theme now thru April.

The Venus Retrograde negatively effects all relationship connections by creating severe storms for the unions on unstable ground to begin with. However, this time period is a positive one for mending and re-building connections with those from the past, whether it be exes, past lovers, old friendships, former acquaintances, etc. I’ve personally had beautiful movement in those areas.

The Venus Retrograde causes nostalgia. This is part of the reason exes and past connections tend to pop up during this transit. The nostalgia factor runs on high and so do the memories.

The Venus Retrograde also effects money, finances, and possessions. This means it is connected to home and work lives by pushing those values to the forefront to be re-evaluated. I’ve been receiving numerous notes this past week from people faced with physical home dwelling issues that suddenly popped up for them in dramatically intense ways. It’s literally one after the other.

Emotions rise closer to the surface prompting one to be more emotionally sensitive. One of the many qualities that makes a successful long term relationship is that you both know how the other is, when to give them space, and when not to. It’s a dance you both perfect over time.

Other side effects at this time surround an obsession with ones appearance prompting beauty issues to being taken to an extreme and perhaps unhealthy degree. It’s like the body builder who sees themselves without muscle and so they keep working out incessantly, even though they already look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ones perception of themselves is skewed due to a rise in insecurity that isn’t based in reality. You’re more fine than you realize.

People become more co-dependent and needy than usual around this time too, while others become the opposite extreme which is wanting more alone time. They will come off perpetually distant, withdrawn, self protective, and not all that warm or affectionate. This is obviously how my friend was seeing me to be these last number of weeks, which I admit is true. I’m already like that in general, but the Venus Retrograde has pushed it off the charts. I guess I’d rather be that than co-dependent and needy if I had to choose.

Everything goes back to normal when Venus moves direct, but with the newfound awareness you gained during the process. All planetary retrogrades contribute positively to ones growth.

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