CLEANSING THE CHAKRAS. Awaken Your Creative Spirit

You can cleanse the chakras by moving into a calm meditative space.  Visualize each of the chakra wheels spinning counter clockwise.  Then imagine God’s white light shining through each of the wheels blasting away all of the dark debris latched onto these wheels.  These spinning wheels are much like mini-fans.  When a spinning fan has been used for quite some time it begins to collect dust on it.  This is what it’s like with your chakras, which is why regular maintenance is needed to keep your chakras clear from debris.  You can do that with the power of visualization, or by changing your behavior and thought patterns associated with that particular chakra.

When you plague your mind of thoughts of fear or lack of money, then your Root Chakra becomes dirty.  When you repress your sexuality and creativity, you clog the Sacral Chakra.  When you give your power away to others, you dirty up your Solar Plexus Chakra.  When you live victimized over what a past lover did to you, then you block the Heart Chakra.  If you keep your thoughts to yourself and do not speak your truth, then you dirty up your Throat Chakra.  If you absorb negative words and sounds around you, then your Ear Chakra becomes dusty.   If you don’t believe in the imagination or spiritual truth, then you block the Third Eye Chakra.  And when you lack of consciousness and think negative thoughts, you muddy up your Crown Chakra.  All chakras have white sparkly diamond like lights in them when they are fully functioning.  The opposite of that are black and brown spots in various sizes within it.    Be mindful of the energy points within your soul’s body.

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