Channeling is uplifting and overwhelming, but ultimately drains energy


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Channeling is different than being psychic. I can receive random psychic hits without effort sporadically through the day, but to channel for longer periods of time requires a bit of effort and work. Channeling starts with the claircognizance clair as you allow higher beings, entities, spirits to take over your aura and whole being. Lifetimes of knowledge are embedded into your psyche through this process.

The channeling energy high is uplifting and overwhelming, but it is energy that ultimately drains you. The process can sometimes take time to raise your spirit into the right higher frequency. To go back home and be on Spirit’s vibration is always a joyful enriching experience, but it takes some work to get there and stay in it. When I come back from that space, I more or less collapse wherever I happen to be as energy has been depleted. I need to work on bringing my energy levels back up again.

Channeling is a strange euphoric kind of feeling while you’re in it, but then it can drop catastrophically when I come out of it. This is because while in the euphoric high vibrational range you are pulled up into Spirit’s level, and when you come back out of it you’re plopped back into the Earth’s physical low vibrational density.

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