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The Crown Chakra is the final and eighth chakra.  It resides in your crown and slightly above the top of your head, which is also part of your aura.  Your aura expands as great as six feet around your human body, which is why when someone sensitive is standing close to a toxic person, they are absorbing that person’s energy from their aura. The aura changes color based on your mood and thoughts much like your Chakras.  The crown chakra spins faster than any of the other chakras and illuminates a deep violet color.

The crown chakra is also connected to the third eye chakra.  The Third Eye is what assists you in visualizing what you desire.  The place of imagination begins in the crown chakra and in the mind with your thoughts.  Those with strong Claircognizance tend to have a cleaner crown chakra.  These are the ones who operate primarily from the analytical mind.  They have the gift of clear knowing.  This is where the answers to problems seem to fall right through their crown out of nowhere.

Heaven communicates through all of your channels including the crown chakra.   Channelers also have a high degree of Claircognizance, as they are able to access Divine input as it drops naturally through their conscious.  They are then able to translate it onto the page.  As messages and input travel and drop through your crown chakra, this is communicated to other Chakras throughout your body.

Claircognizance is one of my dominating Clairs next to Clairaudience.  Born with the gift of knowing has enabled me to help a great many people over the course of my life.  Since early childhood I have been offering others Divine wisdom regarding issues they needed help with.

Your crown chakra is associated with your overall consciousness where Divine information flows through you.  When someone lacks of consciousness, such as a terrorist, someone who bullies, name calls, antagonizes others, and feels nothing, then these are people with a dirty crown chakra.  They have closed up the access to the Divine.

Words and thoughts flow through the crown chakra, so practice keeping the vibration energy of those words to ones that are positive.  Activate your crown chakra by diving into reading, writing, higher learning, and research endeavors. How you perceive everything, including the world around you and what is unseen, filters through the crown chakra.

Archangel Uriel is the one to call on to help in awakening the crown chakra as he rules those with Claircognizance.  He guides others with his lantern filled with light down the higher path by dropping helpful insight, ideas, and wisdom into your crown chakra.

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