THIRD EYE CHAKRA – INDIGO. Awaken Your Creative Spirit

The Third Eye Chakra is the seventh chakra and located between your two physical eyes, but raised just slightly above it.  It spins illuminating the color of Indigo.  The third eye chakra is your psychic and spiritual perception.  Having a strong third eye chakra equates to having a keen Clairvoyance channel, otherwise known as clear seeing.  You receive visual impressions like a mini movie playing in front of you that has significance to you or someone else.  It can be what’s happened, what’s to come, or what’s coming up.  Many equate the third eye chakra to being more psychic, but the truth is that having a balanced chakra system makes one a stronger conduit with spirit.   You can be highly psychic by having a strong heart chakra since that is connected to Clairsentience, and yet your third eye chakra is dimmer than the others.

Because the Third Eye is what is unseen, most are not aware of it or thinking about it.  This act in itself closes up the Third Eye.  Signs that your third eye chakra is opening up are seeing violet sparkles everywhere, or you’re able to see the eye sitting on its side staring back at you when you close your physical eyes.  You might start to have vivid dreams or you constantly see etheric images put in front of you of what’s to come.  You see spirits as opaque or translucent around you.  Someone who is afraid of seeing spirits will cause the third eye chakra to close up.

Like the ear chakra, when one is a non-believer of anything spiritual related then this causes the third eye chakra to become dirty and shut down.  The third eye chakra is the eye or window that sees what others cannot see.  It is the window into the other side, spirit worlds, and dimensions that exist.  When you’re able to see the Third Eye, you view it sitting on its side looking right at you from within your mind.  This is different than the physical eyes you were born with that view things happening in real time in front of them.

Viewing physical circumstances through your physical eyes can dim the Third Eye because you might be absorbing negative imagery in others behaviors around you.  The hyper focus on what’s happening around you in the physical world closes the third eye chakra.  This includes obsessing over media and gossip stories.  Everyone was born with a Third Eye, so even if it closes, you still have access to it as you do with all of the chakras and clair channel points.

When you fear the future or hold negatively to the past and what was done to you, then this dims the third eye chakra.   Looking forward fearlessly to the future and the present, while forgiving your past will assist in opening the third eye chakra.  Those with a clean third eye chakra tend to be creative beings open to all that is unseen.  They paint pictures with their mind and translate it into their art.  They are open spiritually and to God, Heaven, and all the spirit worlds that exist.

Archangel Raziel is the one to call on to assist in cleansing and awakening your Third Eye Chakra.  He stimulates spiritual sight and assists in manifesting your visions.

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