Recognizing the Psychic Hits in Everyday Life

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“Four Psychic Clair Senses” is one of my upcoming books out this April, which helps one recognize their own psychic gifts.  There has never been much work involved on my part.

For example, a friend calls and says with blunt tactlessness, “I’m in love with someone….” As he spoke, his voice trailed off into the background when I took a huge deep breath in, exhaled, and mentally said, “Show me the person he’s talking about.” The image popped up in front of me and I opened my eyes interjecting, “It’s a guy. Dark hair. Fit. There’s a tattoo on his arm and he’s got one on his back.”

My friend was silent for a beat absorbing it then said, “Yeah. His hair is black. And he does have a tattoo, but it’s wrapped around his arm and extends along the side and onto his back. It’s one piece.”

Okay, so I was slightly off, but more or less as usual nailed it pretty close. What can you pin point out that I did to make this happen? All I did was take a huge deep breath releasing any stresses. Why? It helped relax me and move me into a slightly altered state. When I’m in a relaxed state, then it’s easier for me to connect. It’s the relaxed state that helps form the connection. I didn’t struggle for hours. Everything I said took less than 60 seconds. The deep breath exhale, formed the question to my Spirit team, then they answered me by revealing an image through Clairvoyance. They could’ve simply spoken it through Clairaudience and I would’ve heard it clearer, but they chose to show the visual instead.

I reported back what I saw and it was confirmed. My friend later sent me photos of this person that matched what I saw. He wasn’t all that surprised considering he’s known me for years and is used to me chiming in with “messages”.

This was also how I’ve predicted every single President elect in my lifetime at least one and a half years out. If everyone else could do the same, which they can, but if they did and would have, then they wouldn’t waste endless time and energy lost on nonsense. Cut the foreplay, pick up on the truth straight up, no chaser, make your immediate peace with it, and move on. Don’t dwell and marinate in the toxins.

I don’t do the things that others do in order to try and connect. I’ve never understood the strange exercises that are taught. It’s the same way I’ve never understood taking an acting class to pretend to be a tree. Either you’ve got it or you don’t. This scenario described is one of billions of hits that sift in and out all day long throughout each day and night of my life randomly without any effort.

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