Your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel make up your Spirit team

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The brighter the light is around you, then the easier it is to communicate with those on the other side. This light acts as a portal to connect with your Spirit team made up of one Spirit Guide and one Guardian Angel. They are with you from your Earthly birth until your Earthly death. Upon your human death is when you pass on through the tunnel doorway back home to stand face to face with your Spirit team. Those who work with angels, guides, or any being in Heaven on a grander level tend to have more spirit beings around working with them. Those who have larger purposes to help move humanity forward towards the ultimate goal that is love, will also have more guides around helping them with this purpose.

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My body of work to date contains numerous spiritually based books with over 4,000 pages of content to help assist you along your journey to raising your consciousness. That’s more than double the pages in the Bible, with the exception being that my work doesn’t contain superstition or anything fear based. I have nothing against that as there are several prominent guides from the Bible that work with me this lifetime.

These writings don’t include works already written and in various stages of development, production, or approval process for upcoming releases. It also doesn’t include journals or my lengthy emails to people that are long enough to fill numerous books. 

This also means I’ve been in serious relationships with numerous people who have at one time or another actually said they were afraid to read something of mine in a particular book or what I’ve put up in a column. We know my words can be seen as weapons at times, even with those romantically linked to me. There would be private talks with some of them telling me, “You do what you do and it’s your job, I get it, and I understand. You got to do what you got to do and I support that, but outside of that while we’re together, then it’s us.”

The countless notes flooding my inbox include those from my readers of different faiths, political beliefs, races, values, and various corners of the globe. I do truly reach a wide spectrum of people, which is one of the things I do pride myself on as it is part of my job to bridge the wide gap. This is something desperately needed today as it’s currently never been so extreme. I have loyal readers who are heatedly liberal and vehemently conservative, both knowing that I’m personally against extreme sides. I demand balance, objectivity, and love. They might not talk to each other, which is sad, but they do communicate to me with love. It’s a completely different world where I’ve come from and it rubs off on them in a positive way.

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