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The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and located in your throat.  It spins faster than the previous chakras while illuminating a light blue or sky blue color.  The throat chakra is the area you communicate and express your thoughts.   where you communicate.  This includes verbally, in writing, cell phone text, or social media.   Having a strong throat chakra is by expressing yourself clearly with compassion and without fear of censure.  When you censure yourself or hold your thoughts and feelings in, then this affects the functioning of your throat chakra.

The throat chakra is about speaking your truth.  Writers, channelers, and speakers tend to have strong throat chakras when they’re working, because they are getting everything that is stuck inside them and expressing it outwardly whether on a page or to an audience.  This is pending they’re writing and speaking the truth without fear of being judged, criticized, or censured.

Make note of how some of the previous chakras are connected to one another.  When your sacral chakra is not expressing itself through creativity, or the solar plexus chakra is preventing you from being assertive, and your heart chakra is closed up, then this can prevent you from expressing yourself with communication through your throat chakra.

If you feel as if your throat chakra has been getting dirtier, then ways to clear and cleanse it requires communicating more vocally and truthfully without fear.  This doesn’t mean with anger or aggression, but with assertiveness and compassion. When you communicate in a hostile manner, such as attacking others, then that dims the auric filed around the throat chakra.  It’s just as bad if not worse as holding your thoughts inside because you’re darting that energy at others and the universe.  The damage has consequences since it reaches more targets.  When you hold it inside, this only hurts yourself.

Practice journaling or writing down all the things that bother you.  You can write it in a journal or in an email and send it to yourself.  If you wished you could’ve said all the things that you were thinking when your ex decided to leave you, then write it out in an email to yourself or in a journal to get it out of you.  Otherwise this will squelch and tighten up your throat chakra.

Singer entertainer Shania Twain has recounted losing her voice over the years.  This was due to all of the hurt, anger, anxiety, and sadness she was experiencing as her first marriage crumbled.  She did not express how she was feeling and this manifested into her losing the ability to sing.  Eventually, she went through some spiritual healing and forgiveness steps in a therapeutic way that resulted in assisting in re-awakening her throat chakra.  This is featured in a 6 episode series called, “Why Not? With Shania Twain.”   It was episode 4 that takes her through the transition into opening up her voice again, which I recommend watching.

When someone is unkind and you’re unable to communicate that to them out of fear or any other reason, then write it in an email to yourself, to a friend, or in a journal.  Write down everything you always wanted to say to them.  You can speak as freely and as uncensored as you like since you most likely would not be sending it to them.  The writing assignment is a great way to release toxins in your throat chakra while balancing it out and brightening it up.

All things having to do with communication are connected to your throat chakra. This includes speaking and communicating clearly with loved ones, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and all you come across. Activate it by expressing your thoughts clearly and with compassion.

Archangel Gabriel is the one to call on to assist with your Throat Chakra.  She helps with communicating on all levels.

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