Three of my exes have been moving through their Saturn Return and into their 30’s

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Three of my exes have been moving into their 30’s over the last couple of years one after the other. They’ve all been reaching out recently to tell me about the gigantic life altering impact they feel I’ve had on them personally, on their life in general, and who they’ve become and transformed into.

Why are they all telling me this now? Because they’ve also been enduring what is called the “Saturn Return”. A planetary transit which happens once every 29 years of your life.

Between the ages of 28-30 you experience a huge personal shift and transformation where you are truly becoming a real adult. Many tend to drastically change their lives in some form around that point. You move through a major internal introspective overhaul period that broadens your clarity (one hopes). You reminisce and evaluate your life and yourself to date in a big way.  During my Saturn Return, I was complaining about wanting to semi-retire from the film business, and focus on my work as an author, which I made happen.

As these particular exes look back on the last 10-15 years, they can’t help but hone in on me in a profound way. These are people who spent every waking minute with me on every level imaginable and in ways that no one else has or ever will. And they did that during their crucial changing years.

I hear similar words from readers of my books from different points of the globe who feel I’ve had a positive impact on them. They have been moved or transformed by my teachings enough to locate and tell me.

While that’s nice to hear that your work positively changes others, but these exes are people that know the real nitty-gritty personal me for a long period of time that no one knows or experiences, so it has a different weight. They have seen and heard it all and believe me when you’re with me on a personal level in person, you are in for one Hell of a ride. The intensity and realism is maximized, and it is one endless roller coaster of a class in the end.

I’ve spent my life going against the norm and against what’s popular, which is what leaders and Wise One’s do. I am anti-gossip, anti-TV, anti-media, anti-drama, and on and on. If it’s trending, then I will rebel and defy it. Imagine being with someone who thinks differently than the rest of society and is strict about it. So of course they will experience that life altering impact, but they were already similar to begin with when I first met them.

And if you’re great at math, then you’re able to detect that it’s no surprise that I’ve known these exes since they were in High School. I’ve been involved with people of all ages from much younger to much older. This is now turning into an age difference post, so you can give me your tired arguments.

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In other past news, when I was 21, my surfer beach buddies and I were hanging out in Venice. I’m talking to my friend Marc about something seriously profound next to me on my right on the couch. Gavin is on my left making out with some new girl he picked up whose sitting next to him. Then he lights up a joint, takes an inhale, quickly grabs my chin turning my face into his, plants a kiss, and finishes it off by blowing the marijuana smoke into my mouth by force. Some people just think they can take what they want without asking. Not much has changed since then. This is his continued way of spreading peace and love. A vibe that is always laid-back, chill, loving, and understanding.


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