Compromise, cooperation, and tolerance are what changes an opposing perception

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Steer clear of any gossip, negative news, and media swirling around you. Detach and unplug if you have to. Get out into nature to clear your aura. Avoid getting caught up in time wasting drama that stalls you from moving forward. Noise and chaos change nothing. Has that worked at all on any level in the the last number of years? No, it hasn’t because it doesn’t work. It only expands that energy making circumstances bigger than they really are. The goal of the ego is to blindside and distract you. It’s been successful with that on a global scale more than it ever has. You are either preaching to the choir in that instant or you’re not. It will not give an opposing view an epiphany, nor will it enlighten anybody. That energy isn’t designed to sway anyone, so all it does is add to the noise making you believe it’s changing something until time passes and you realize it’s changed nothing. 

Compromise, cooperation, and tolerance are what changes an opposing perception. It’s meeting others half way and seeing their point of view and their goal, while lovingly getting them to see your view. This would also entail that you emotionally detach from events in order to come to a higher understanding. Focus on love and your higher self’s path knowing that all ends up well in the end.

I’ve always trusted the guidance coming in as it has never failed me. It has been consistently and dangerously accurate regardless if it’s the popular view or not.  I don’t pay any attention to that or care. While others have fallen into the black hole abyss of what’s being fed to them, I have continuously stood outside of it clear minded and focused as if viewing it through a glass wall in front of me. One could easily fall into the deepest suffocating madness of human world events, but I’ve been highly trained to not be swayed by the illusion presented. If I did that, then there would have been no reason to come here since that would mean I’m not ready or strong enough to withstand that energy. Don’t allow negativity and drama to sway you from your purpose. You become a wayshower by inspiring and enlightening, as well as showing love and compassion. Don’t forget who you are and why you are here.

It is a drag absorbing all of that negative energy.  I honestly don’t know how people do it day after day.  They get some kind of strange rush out of it.  I don’t watch the news or T.V.  It’s not hooked up, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.  T.V. is banned in my house.  Not chosen DVD’s to play though.  But I do hear about the drama going on around the world from my circle.  So I’m not totally out of the loop.  I just don’t dive into it the way others do.  I’m exceptional at moving on and so should you be by way.   Be a true and definite warrior of light who shines so much light and love onto all sides.   Remain neutral and balanced steering clear of the noise.

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