The opposite of resistance is peace, cooperation, compromise, and meeting in the middle.

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Looking down on Earth, it’s deathly quiet from the vantage point of space, except for the subtle sounds of electromagnetic vibrations moving through the Universe. Circumstances on Earth appear much more trivial from that perspective. It’s a similar view from Heaven as spirit beings take note of the low vibrational noise and bickering energy coming out of the billions of Earthly souls that put up endless resistance refusing to come together.

Resistance does nothing to move humanity forward. Having understanding, tolerance, and meeting in the middle is what bridges the wide gap. Resistance is a block stemming from the darkness of ego. It’s stubborn and unwilling to compromise, which keeps others separated and divided. Resistance is not interested in working with others. It’s defiant, it’s rigid, it struggles, it impedes. Positive energy doesn’t flow through having resistance. Resistance is restricting, which blocks Divine communication from sifting into ones consciousness. There is no love existing in resistance.

The opposite of resistance is peace, cooperation, compromise, and meeting in the middle. One is more likely to listen to and warm up to someone who negotiates peacefully to find common ground over being aggressively stubborn and resistant. The answers can be found in that centered space where peace, joy, and love reside.

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