SACRAL CHAKRA – ORANGE. Awaken Your Creative Spirit

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra located in the pelvic/reproductive area below the navel and slightly above the Root Chakra.   It glows a bright orange when spinning at a peak level.

The sacral chakra (pronounced Say-Krull) is connected to your passions, sensuality, and creativity.  It is what brings you joy, pleasure, and enjoyment.  When you express yourself creatively, then the cleaner your sacral chakra is.  If you have a healthy sex drive, or the creative part of you is fully awakened, then you have a strong sacral chakra.

Someone with perpetual addictive behavior patterns is likely to have a dirty sacral chakra.  There is a difference between a healthy sex drive and sex addiction.  There is a distinction between enjoying a beer or two, and drinking a six-pack in one sitting.    The enjoyment and pleasure of a glass of wine is beautiful as you soak in the valley of wine country on a hot Summer day.  The opposite extreme is drinking a bottle of wine alone every night in your room to escape or push down your emotions.  The addiction dirties up the sacral chakra.

Positive ways of clearing the sacral chakra are by immersing yourself into creative projects or a creative hobby.  Other ways to brighten up your sacral chakra are by partaking in exercises and lifestyle choices that improve your overall well-being, emotional state, which also awaken your creative side.

The sacral chakra is also connected to your reproductive organs, not just sexually, but the organs themselves from a health and clinical perspective.

When your emotional equilibrium is all over the place and not in balance, then this can cause your sacral chakra to become clogged and dirty.  You know this is the case if you find that your emotions are rising into co-dependency with anyone you come across whether it’s a love relationship, friendship, or someone you’re getting to know.   Someone who lives for toxic drama and gossip have a muddy sacral chakra.  Obsessions over food or gluttony lead to an unbalanced sacral chakra as well.

Activate your sacral chakra by partaking in activities that bring you joy and harmony.  This is pending that it is not toxic or an addiction.  Take a weekend getaway trip to somewhere amazing with a loved one.  Spend that time connecting and having fun together.  Kiss and make passionate love to one another.   Dive into a creative project or hobby.  All of this brightens up, activates, and awakens your sacral chakra

Bring your life and habits to the level of passion, sensuality, joy, harmony, sexuality, and creativity in order to balance out your sacral chakra.

Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Gabriel are the higher beings to call on to assist in balancing your sacral chakra.  They work by igniting your passion, sensuality, beauty, joy, and creativity essence.

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