Love is the space where truth resides

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Model yourself as the creator and as the angels do. They love you without conditions. Think about that phrase for a second and the depths of its meaning. “Without conditions”. It means there is nothing any being can say or do to stop that love no matter how horrific. This doesn’t mean negative actions are without consequence since each being is creating their own reality every day. And what is put out into the Universe is flipped around and multiplied right back to you in this lifetime, the next, and the other worlds. It’s the nature of the way that the Universe is laid out. The energy will catch up with you whether you choose to follow the herd as a collective and partake in negative actions or out of your own independence. The ego drops down into darkness when it has a group to feed off of. It is more likely to contribute negatively to the violent energy being emitted outwardly into the Universe when joining a group to hide behind. 

Yet, the love available from above never ceases all throughout this ordeal in order to help face the soul in the direction of this source of love. It’s only hoped the soul can snap back into true higher consciousness to realize that none of the drama matters or nor is it based in reality since you’ve given your power away to a ruler or a group thinking they have jurisdiction to help you feel better when those good feelings are already built into you and are available for accessibility. It’s like a parent disciplining their child out of love in order to differentiate between what they believe to be an acceptable mode of conduct as opposed to a disagreeable one. A good parent faces the soul student in the direction of love at all times. Don’t pay attention to the screaming noise of the ego, but stay centered and balanced in the whirlwind of Heaven’s love instead where the real truth lives.

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