Divert your attention to the blessings in your life and steer clear of the intoxicating drama

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Love all of you who have chosen to rise above negativity by showing some beautiful poised class. You have stayed centered in grace and love despite any seeming whirlwind of darkness surrounding you. Nothing is truly as bad as it seems. When a line is crossed, then you graciously intercept by focusing on solutions rather than creating unnecessary issues. What you focus on will multiply, so you want to make sure it’s positive.

As for those still stuck in the epicenter of negativity, work on moving past that and in bridging the gap between all souls, including the ones that hold a differing perspective than you.

Look at the positive aspects of a situation or walk away from it. Divert your attention to the blessings in your life, and steer clear of the intoxicating drama and gossip that attempts to lure you into its sticky trap. It does nothing to help anyone and improves nothing, but contributes negatively to the nonsense.

The “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” was one of the first spiritually based books I truly dived into. I read what I could, despite my ADD being in the way, when I was twenty-one in between smoking my cigarettes and chucking beer bottles at people walking by with my friends. I was certainly a charmer teetering that fine line between the white light of spirit and the drug high of the physical.

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