Fear is what stalls humanity from evolving. Release it.

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Fear is your worst enemy. Living in the space of fear is what blocks you from moving forward. It keeps you spinning around in the same spot getting nowhere. Fear is what stalls humanity from evolving. Release it. Walk away and let go and let God. There is a reason circumstances take place beyond your control or current understanding.

Many are currently in the middle of that major crossroads I was talking about at the start of the year. 2017 is the year that more people than usual will be in that transition of deciding what move to make next.  This move is usually a drastic one such as leaving a relationship or job, or starting a new relationship or job.  It’s not resorted to just those two genres, but love and career are two of the top topics I receive from others of concern.

If you’re still droning on, obsessing, and dwelling over the presidential election, there are a great number of professional therapists, healers, and counselors from all walks of life that can work with you to help you move out of that rigid space of toxicity you’ve been stuck in.  They will assist in getting you off that hamster wheel and back on path in moving forward with life again.   You don’t want to find that another two years have gone by and you’re still upset about the results.  You’ve already wasted two years doing that.  It’s kind of like that person whose spouse left them after twenty years of marriage, and you’re still bitter and angry over it unable to move on.  Start by focusing on the positive blessings in your life and the ways you can continue to improve that.

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