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The Root Chakra sits at the base of your spine.  The root is like the root or base of a tree.   When properly nourished, the roots come up from the ground and blossom into a tree, plant, or flower.  The root chakra concept is much like the growth of a plant.  When you nurture and take care of it, then this adds nourishment to the other chakras helping them strengthen.  It is closest to the Earth and therefore connected to all things related to earthly issues and needs.  This means that concerns surrounding money, security, physical desires, and wishes are all connected to the root chakra.

When you have money issues or worry about paying your bills, or you have concerns connected to your physical possessions such as your car or any material items, then this dirties up your root chakra.  This also includes concerns having to do with your career and work related circumstances.  If you do not feel appreciated at work, or you don’t make enough money, or you have any sort of fear connected to work, career, or life purpose, then this will create an imbalance in the root chakra area.

The root chakra spins with an illumination of the color red.  The stronger the red, the more activated the chakra is.  When it is less activated, the color is a muddier red and the wheel putters and attempts to poorly spin around.  It’s like a clogged fan having a difficult time getting started.

The root chakra is connected to your physical desires.  It is at the base of your spine and represents your desires for a secure firm foundation in your life.  In order for a tree to grow and blossom, it must first have strong roots firmly implanted into the ground.  When this is set, it begins to grow and prosper.   This same concept is how the chakra’s work.  Ground and stabilize your root chakra, then this will help feed the other chakras.

Other signs your root chakra is unstable are when you experience fear and anxiety about your future or over anything that knocks your secure stability off kilter.  When you roam through life feeling anxiety, insecure, or unsafe, then this is a sign your root chakra is dirty.   Anxiety of any kind is connected to fear.  Fear is connected to the root chakra.  Symptoms can be chronic laziness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, anger, or irritability.

Signs that you have a strong root chakra are when you feel confident, stable, and grounded.  Physical exercise or activity can help strengthen your root chakra.  Keeping your body strong is of benefit to your root chakra and your overall health.  Removing negative feelings of fear or insecurity in areas connected to your physical survival clears up any gunk in your root chakra.  Get out in nature and plant your feet on the physical Earth to ground and stabilize your body and soul, which brightens up your root chakra.

Archangel Michael is the being to call on to assist in strengthening your root chakra.  He can extract fear and insecurities from your aura and boost your confidence and optimism.

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