What is a Chakra? Awaken Your Creative Spirit

Once a week, we’ll be taking a look at each chakra and what it represents.   A Chakra (pronounced “shock-ruh”) is an energy point within your soul’s aura.  There are hundreds of chakras throughout the soul and body, but there are eight core chakras that dominate.   Your chakra is where God, your life force, and energy flow through.   Each chakra looks like a colored spinning wheel to a clairvoyant or someone who has the ability to see the colors of one’s aura.  They see the individual chakra’s spinning like little fans located at specific points of the body from head to toe.

Each chakra emits a different color. They spin counter clockwise and look like an oscillator fan emitting a different color out of it.  When the color grows dirty, dark, or muddy, then this can indicate a problem in that area.  When you experience anything negative related to what that chakra represents, then this dulls the color of the fan and changes the size of the chakra.  It doesn’t matter what size the chakra is.  What is important is that all the chakras be relatively the same size.  When one or more of the chakras are a different size than the others, then this can suggest an imbalance in a specific part of your life.

The chakras are not physical in nature, meaning it’s not a human organ or something that is detectable to the human eye.   The knowledge of chakras started out as a belief system in India that was eventually adopted worldwide in many spiritual or new age circles.

Each chakra represents a part of you and your life.  The first three chakras are located from the pelvic area to just below the rib cage.  Those chakras spin slowly representing physical external issues and circumstances. They emit a brighter joyful warmer color from red, orange, and yellow.  The remaining five core chakras are located from the chest up through the top of your head.  Those chakras spin much faster than the other three and represent more personal issues and circumstances.  They emit a more subdued calming color from green, light blue, maroon, indigo, and violet.

Each of the core eight chakras spins quicker than the chakra below it.  For example, the root chakra at the base spins slowly, while the sacral chakra above it spins slightly faster than the root chakra, and so forth.

When you negatively focus on a particular issue in your life, then this can imply that the chakra that represents the issue is dirty and off balance.  When you have a dirty chakra, then this can compound the issues associated with that chakra.  It also creates unevenness in your world while blocking the communication line to Heaven.  This is why it’s beneficial to touch on the core individual chakras.  This is for those who don’t know much about it or what they represent.  When your chakra energy points are clear of debris and spinning at optimum levels, then this gives you greater psychic perception and input.  This assists in awakening the creative spirit part of you.

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