Rare planetary occurrence with no planets retrograde. Bright blessings of abundance up ahead.

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Planetary Talk: We’re moving into a period of about four to five weeks where there will be no planets moving retrograde. This is a super rare occurrence as there is usually at least one planet stalling movement. Mercury is prepping to move direct over the course of this weekend. This is bringing up all sorts of glitches and issues, but it will cease after a number of days. Things will gradually begin to lighten up except for some intense bumps around next Thursday. Then it’s smooth sailing until February 7th when Jupiter the planet that bestows blessings moves retrograde. The rest of January will be a time of exceptional clarity and bright abundance flowing in on all levels. Venus the planet of love is hanging out in the psychic sign of love filled Pisces. All things pertaining to love will rise and keen psychic intuitive perceptions will be incredibly stronger than usual. Use this time to move forward with anything and everything you’ve always wanted to do. This will be an upbeat time and you’ll want to take advantage of that before Jupiter brings all of that to halt in February.


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