New Year Forecast: Part 1 Channeling energy positively. Avoid fear and worry.

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As we move into the New Year, one of the things to remember when channeling energy in a positive direction is to avoid getting caught up in the grips of fear. Fear energy is one of the most dangerous energies ever attributed to humankind. It has been amazingly excessive for centuries that it triggers all sorts of destruction on the planet and on each other. From the perspective of an angel, you can imagine what that looks like seeing comets darted around like a tennis ball getting everyone nowhere. 

Fear and worry plague the planet to an unhealthy degree causing it to expand and shoot out into the universe only to dart right back down like a boomerang in an explosion. The fear and worry energy has been especially magnified lately and this past year due to how quickly information is transmitted through the media and online surrounding the current opposing political climate in the United States. This fear originates within all of the individual souls on Earth and multiplies creating a fire that burns and destroys everything in its wake. Fear and worry do nothing to help anyone.

None of the drama that goes on matters in the end because there is indeed a Divine plan for everything that takes place even if one cannot see that while in the moment. No one is ever truly in any kind of danger and all is always well in the end. Even a physical human death is not the end. The only thing that matters is love. The best way to channel energy positively is to remember all things connected to love. Love is what can kill fear and worry.

Bring your soul to that beautiful glorious space of centeredness, serenity, and peace. Ignore the drama swirling around you and view circumstances from an emotionally detached perspective without judgment. Increase your faith through prayer and regular conversations with the Divine, knowing and understanding that you are loved and watched over.

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