Prayers Show Up As Lights In the Sky

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Prayer can be used to boost your faith, reduce fear, and give you crystal clear psychic perception. Prayers are much like affirmations in that it is the intention behind the words that have weight. Prayers and affirmations have light around it that can be seen by a Clairvoyant or those in Heaven. The stronger your intentions behind the prayers, then the brighter the light around the prayer is.

Heaven sees affirmations and prayers as varying shades of lights being shot upward from that soul. Some lights are brighter and stronger, while other prayers appear dimmer.

If it’s a prayer or affirmation that has ego based energy within it, then that benefits no one except the ego. In that case, the light surrounding that prayer is not as bright. Heaven answers prayers that have a brighter light around it first.

Prayer requests which are not considered urgent also have a dimmer light than other requests. It could be you really want that brand new stereo that the store just got in, then the light around that is not as bright. A stronger bright light around a prayer would surround someone who is in immediate danger.

Children’s prayers usually have some of the brightest lights around it. Part of that has to do with the fact that most Children have stronger intention behind their beliefs. They have not become jaded due to physical distractions or human tampering. They are fully believing in a higher power and have stronger connections with what’s unseen than an adult. Adults tend to have some doubt within their prayers and affirmations, which I see as having a darker light around. Bright lights catch attention, dark ones do not. Asking for a boost in faith helps strengthen this light within the prayer.

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