Your Spirit team sometimes moves you out of your comfort zone

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The Star of Bethlehem appeared in the Heavens triggering the attention of Three Wise Men that an important birth was taking place. Wise Ones have long been versed in astrology using the movements of the planets as another divination tool for prophecy. In this case, the birth of Christ was ‘seen’ prompting them to travel to the location with welcoming gifts.

“Prophets foretold Him, Infant of wonder.  Worthy our Savior of all our praises.”

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Sometimes heavenly assistance is not forthcoming for a variety of reasons. It could be you are being guided to take action steps that will help move you out of the stagnancy you’re in, but you’re either not picking up on this guidance, or you have fear surrounding make this move as it might feel that it’s moving you out of your comfort zone. You fear a negative repercussion. Of course, no high vibrational spirit being in Heaven will guide you into a disaster. What might seem like a scary move, could be the one that ends up moving you upwards.






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