Psychic Prediction comes true again. Donald Trump remains the next U.S. President.

My message box was blowing up from readers and friends telling me that another one of my psychic predictions was accurate once again.  This one having to do with the United States Electoral College and recount controversy with the hopes and intentions of stopping the 2016 U.S. elected President Donald Trump from taking office.  I steer clear of drama and the news since it’s typically sensationalized and inaccurate to begin with.   I had no idea that there were people out there who were actually continuing to dwell and waste time obsessing over something they have no power or control over.  What an enormous time waster that is!

I stated what my Spirit team informed me about the 2016 election in a blog post way back in August of 2015.  What it clearly stated was that the two Presidential nominees were going to be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  This was predicted at a time when most saw neither reaching the finish line.  I was informed and psychically shown by my Spirit team that Donald Trump would be voted in as the next U.S. President.  Apparently, either no one read that, no one listened, or paid attention to it.  This was clear as many witnessed the constant horrid vitriolic attacks being darted at others from people all around the world surrounding the U.S. election.

Two years wasted on living in a permanent state of vile toxicity.  The same people guilty of that didn’t bother to transform that energy into something positive such as helping those stuck in child abuse, poverty, or any other struggle that requires intervention.  These same people didn’t bother to mobilize in order to create a movement that positively benefits another.  Had they either been in tune to spirit themselves, or read my psychic prediction or my books absorbing the importance of it, then they would’ve saved themselves eighteen months of living in perpetual toxic drama.

Donald Trump became the U.S. President in November 2016 as I accurately and psychically predicted.

Following that prediction, I heard through the grapevine that many were upset about the results and wanted to do whatever they could to stop what was intended and soul contracted to take place for a reason.  There was apparently an Electoral College debate going on that I didn’t pay attention to either as that falls into the realms of time wasting toxic drama, which I’m firmly against.  I also psychically knew that it was pointless as my clairvoyant visions are typically accurate in these respects.  The fact that Donald Trump won only solidified that even more.  I accurately predicted the outcome that no one believed or wanted to hear.

Following the election, I had people messaging asking me if Hillary Clinton has a chance now.  All I said was, “The election is over it’s time for you to move on.  My psychic prediction that my Spirit team showed me still stands.  Donald Trump is the next President.  I’ve clairvoyantly saw him in the White House working away a year prior to the 2016 election results.  This will not change.” 

Some were unhappy with that, but I said, “In the end, it doesn’t matter.  This is not as big as you’re making it out to be.”

Naturally, many did not listen or pay attention.  This is usually the case when one is absolved in negative emotions.  You do not know, feel, see, or think clearly while in that state.

There are so many people out there who are disconnected and not in tune to spirit in general.  This was also proven to be true during the U.S. Election cycle as they could’ve seen the same results I foresaw and foretold.  You cannot favor one Presidential candidate over another and be in tune to the psychic truth.  You cannot be mired down in any shred of negative emotion and be in tune.  It’s near impossible as it becomes a conflict of interest and blocks you from picking up on the valid psychic information coming through from above.   This is why the majority of working psychic mediums had inaccurately predicted that Hillary Clinton would be the next President.   This is what happens when you’re too emotionally invested in a subject as it creates a block.  I’ve been wrong too, but not when it comes to Presidential psychic predictions.   I’ve always got those 100% right in the past.  This is because I don’t care who is President.  I’m not emotionally invested in any of them and have a detachment to the whole ridiculousness of it all.  My view is typically higher than the drama created by human ego.  When I inject personal emotions into a situation, then I can be inaccurate.  This would be more interpersonal relations, which I have more understandable emotions involved.

What has been terribly disconcerting is the amount of people in the spiritually based community who had fallen hard into the negative toxicity of the masses during the U.S. Election cycle.  They were just as guilty as the baby souls screaming and attacking others for their personal choices, or they wasted energy negatively attacking one candidate over another.  I expected more from that group, but this also goes to show you that just because someone enjoys spiritual content, doesn’t make them aligned with the truth.  Instead, they used the spiritual genre to justify behaving badly.  This is no different than fundamentalist Christians who choose to use the Bible or the Jesus name to treat others badly.

There were some in the spiritual communities who had been under the perpetual false impression that they were intended to fight the system to overthrow the elected U.S. President once Donald Trump won.  One in particular was Marianne Williamson, a bestselling spiritual author that many have heard of.  Yet, she had fallen into the realms of fear over the course of the election year and used her platform and celebrity to instill this same fear into her followers who willingly followed.  It’s like following the pied piper right over the cliff.

It was a scary thing to watch how not only easily influenced others are, but how influencing one person can be to the masses.  Just because someone is a well-known financially successful author does not equate them to being in tune to spirit.  Marianne, like many others, were under the delusion that the electoral college was going to change the vote to her choice, which was Hillary Clinton.  First off, that was never going to happen.  When you’re in tune to the vibrations coming in from beyond, then you can clearly receive the psychic truth.

This example is to illustrate how strong and influential fear energy can be.  Fear comes from the darkness of ego, which poorly clouds your psychic judgment.

In order to accurately predict psychic information, you need to be completely emotionally detached from the situation.  You can see how so many were way too emotionally involved in the nonsense that they couldn’t see what was intended to happen.  This is why they were unable to psychically predict that it was going to be Donald Trump all along.  This is also why I was able to accurately predict the psychic outcome.   I’m not a working medium or well-known the way spiritual author Marianne Williamson is.   Some claimed that Nostradamus predicted Hillary Clinton as winning, which was a fabricated story.  There is so much fiction feeding the masses it’s eerie.  It’s one thing to feed it and another to believe it.

This may sound like it may have a negative connotation to it, but that is not the intention.  I had to put up with the masses complaining, whining, attacking, and threatening one another for nearly two years over something enormously trivial as a presidential election and yet I remained centered, quiet, and detached the entire time.  It’s my turn to step in now and correct the bad behavior.  This is the one of the roles that Wise Ones take on.  They cannot stand it when others don’t listen or pay attention, and usually become angry in those instances.

Doreen Virtue is one popular spiritual teacher and author who also remained quiet and removed from the nonsense.  She is someone that others could learn from in staying centered throughout the drama.  I never heard her once utter anything that was fear based surrounding the U.S. election cycle, nor did she attack either candidate or rile the masses in fear.  Instead, she rose above it and offered her followers more constructive and helpful tips on how to rise above it all and find the center of truth where love resides.  Many spiritual followers, including Marianne, could learn a thing or two from Doreen Virtue about not falling into the deceptive egos trick of coming from a place of fear, which clouds judgment and only attracts more of that energy to you.  This is also not intended to speak ill of Marianne as she is genuinely someone with a good heart who desires what most desire, and that is peace on Earth.  This is merely pointing out a specific circumstance where she has been greatly misguided, even though her heart is in the right place.

I would wonder if anyone who is guilty of behaving negatively during the U.S. Election cycle has learned anything from that, but until they raise their consciousness and admit they were guilty of it, they will remain weighed down in the endless cycle of toxicity that is fed to them by the darkness of ego.  This is one of their big soul lessons this lifetime.  This is the last I’ll be discussing this.  It is time for some of you to move on, but this time actually listen and follow that advice.

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