Everyone has more than one soul mate

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Everyone has many soul mates around them. The misconception is that your soul mate is one true love that lasts a lifetime. While someone can have that one true love who is a soul mate, they also still have other soul mates outside of that which include friendships, family members, colleagues, acquaintances, strangers, and pets.

A soul mate can be someone you dated for a couple months or it can be a friend who shows up just as you needed it, but it can also be the least likely of people. This might be someone you met at an event or a party where you shared a deep conversation with for an hour and then never saw them again. It might be someone you rode an elevator with who might have said a sentence or two that triggered something that assists you positively. Soul mates are put in your path for a variety of reasons that benefit you in a positive way even if the reason is not known immediately.


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