Belle turns away the town stud for the Beast with heart and intelligence

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Okay. Here’s some Disney shit. The live action version of, “Beauty and the Beast”. It stays true to the dark Gothic classy feel of the original. “Beauty and the Beast” was always one of my top favorites because the lead Protagonist Belle wasn’t some dimwit moron waiting for some stud Prince to love her. In fact, she turns away the hottie town stud that everyone wants because he’s an idiot without heart.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard others say after watching me turn a hottie away, “Are you crazy!?” I would say, “I can’t date the ignorant no matter how good they look.” I’ve also gone out with the asshole only to be floored when I discover they have more heart than anyone I’ve ever met. Belle is highly evolved, well read, ferociously strong, and intelligent. She becomes attracted to the intelligence and heart that show up in the physical form of a monstrous Beast:

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