Sending love and blessings to those in need, poverty, abuse, and the Native American Sioux tribe in North Dakota

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Sending love and blessings energy down onto those living in extreme need, poverty, and abuse, and to my Wise One and Elemental brothers and Sisters, the Native American Sioux tribe in North Dakota who are fighting to keep their home intact throughout Thanksgiving.

They have a stronger argument for having no choice but to protest. It isn’t out of spite or ungratefulness that they didn’t win a prize, but out of the desire to protect their homeland and family by ensuring they have fresh clean water to continue to thrive and survive. Water is their sole source of life that most have learned to take for granted.

These are peaceful descendants of the first real Americans who want to be left alone to live quietly in peace and harmony with their families on a land that was allotted to them centuries ago by the American government. (How generous of them)

Instead they’re being treated like garbage and assaulted with cold water, tear gas, rubber bullets, mace, and much more in freezing temperatures. This punishment is for standing in front of the door to their own home in order to prevent invaders from contaminating their means of survival.

The Native Americans are the true authentic American royalty and should be treated with respect and high esteem. They’ve been bullied enough by my European ancestors over the centuries that to continue is sacrilege. It’s amusing that this has no traction at all, but obsessing negatively over presidential candidates for two years is number one with a bullet. Those priorities are mind boggling and fascinating to me.  

I try to take a balanced view hearing all sides. If I were a government official in charge I would demand that I’m brought plans that offer an alternative. Meaning, “We can do this pipeline, but you need to show me how you’ll do it without running it through these areas here. (I’m pointing on the map). That’s not an option.” And if I was a leader of the free world, this wouldn’t have reached this far.  This was on the radar for sometime, but the mass majority were obsessing over Clinton and Trump by bickering, attacking, and calling people names.  Yeah, that was real helpful.

I also heard Obamas words about waiting to see what will happen, which are empty words and a middle finger raised.  But he’s also trying to play it safe to save face in his final couple months in office. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and these peaceful loving people who are ready and willing to take a beating and killing to protect their home need to be helped.  Send your healing light, love, and prayers to the Native American Sioux tribe this Thanksgiving.

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Messages through the Weekend

This morning the message that came up from now into the weekend was ‘moving’. Hours later I double checked again and the message was ‘move’. This is a physical move or about travelers moving about to get to their Thanksgiving festivities, if that’s something you partake in. This is also about getting a move on with whatever it is you’ve been procrastinating with.

Ultimately, they are emphasizing this is about moving your body, whether in physical exercise, cardio, or dancing. When you dance you raise your vibration which brings on evocative empowering feelings of joy, gratitude, and optimism. Not to mention the exceptional health and well-being benefits.

Some of our greatest entertainers throughout the world’s history whose specialties have been dancing on stage or screen agreed to a human life to bring this wonder to the masses all at once. Their goal is and has been to liven up human souls who get stuck in the mundane unable to break loose. Your thoughts and feelings are uplifted when you dance.

Follow the ways of the original Americans, the Native American shamans, who incorporate dance freely into their lives on a regular basis. While at times using extremely athletic movements, the Native Americans sometimes use dance for prayer, while other times it’s used in celebration, or to give thanks. They know that dancing helps bring in a stronger heavenly spiritual connection. It is also offers self transformation, self renewal, and it awakens your creative spirit.

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