Pay attention to the repetitive signs and symbols around you

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Started out in the desert with crystal clear warm skies (on top) and ended up back on the beach with rainy dark moody cold weather (on bottom). As a creative artist, I find inspiration most anywhere, but all I’d rather do is get into my many cuddly positions because it’s colder than a witches tit. Remind me to also stop sitting with my legs spread apart as I keep tearing great pairs of jeans in the crotch area. I’ve got another pile accumulated for my seamstress to tackle again.

Okay, the current messages are circling around intention and signs. You can have anything you want as long as you hold that intention with positive thoughts. Allow your mind to wander into a daydream visualizing the life you want. If a thought has any doubt in it, then this can negate or delay what you want from happening. It is important to catch yourself when distrust creeps into your mind. When this happens and you are aware of it, then mentally say, “Cancel that thought and replace it with this.” Modify the negative thought with something positive in exchange.

Some of history’s immense talents, leaders, and CEO’s are in the positions they’re in because insecurity or negative self-talk is not allowed to enter their minds or prevent them from accomplishing what they intend to. They set intentions without negative interference. They know exactly what they want with unwavering excitement surrounding this desire. They go after it with enormous gusto and they get it! If you witness successful leaders in action, you will find they are precise, focused, and optimistic.

When you are fully aware and in tune to the vibrations outside of physical distractions, then you start noticing all of the little Synchronicity’s and signs that are put in your path at just the right time to help you with your intention. The way your Spirit team guides you is also through these seemingly insignificant situations. The signs might come in the guise of a song lyric or a line of dialogue in a movie. It can be that you’re walking past two people where you only hear just enough of the conversation that it triggers something you need to know. Pay attention to the repetitive signs and symbols around you, as they can be the answer you’ve been looking for to move you onward to the next step. ❤️

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