Five of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: textTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Five of Wands can reveal challenges, ego domination, corruption, rivalry, disagreements, and antagonism. This can show two people or parties at odds with one another.

The energy of the Five of Wands can be draining and exhausting as it feels as if you’re going to battle every second. It shows a challenge around you or within you that you have to face. It can be self-induced or brought on by someone else.

The Five of Wands causes all sorts of anxiety, sweats, tension, or anger. This can also be a warning to watch your back and steer clear of any drama swirling around you. This can ask you to step up to the plate and do damage control.

In a love relationship, this can indicate discord, conflict, or arguments. I did a read once for someone where this card came up and the person being read for confirmed that their partner was constantly nit picking and bickering at them. It was troublesome for them to be on the receiving end of that energy.

The positive side to the Five of Wands is that it can be about healthy competition or passionate competitive energy. This can also be about friendly lively debate and communication. It can be about sports games, exercise training, or competitive fitness energy. Maybe you’re heading to the beach or a park with some friends to play volleyball. This card would indicate the day’s energy as showing friendly competition.

In career or work related areas, this can show a temporary conflict or challenge that you need to overcome. This can also point to petty arguing or bickering. You would need to find middle ground, or compromise, and compassionate understanding in order to resolve conflict. Because this also points to opposing viewpoints, it can cause tiring disagreements where no one is listening to the other. The overall energy of this card reveals someone to be absolved in unnecessary time wasting drama.

In the end, this card is not usually life threatening and eventually blows over as long as you help move it along. You have to learn to let certain things go. The Five of Wands is representative of the world’s typical energy which is usually ego based, challenging, and antagonistic to begin with. No one listens to opposing views or takes it to heart. The Five of Wands would show this as being a petty time waster that helps no one in any form whatsoever. It’s wasted energy that could best be used for something more constructive.

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