The Holy Spirit uses love to combat anger and fear unrest around the planet

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I happened to catch this image in the sky today that looks like a cross. It was much bigger in person. The symbols and signs you stumble upon in your daily life are no accident. They are a part of the many ways that Heaven attempts to get your attention, relay a message, or give you a reminder that they are indeed present even if it doesn’t feel like it. This is especially the case when one is experiencing a tumultuous or confusing time.

In this instance, the cross formation that appeared in the sky is continuing with the theme I’ve been talking about over the last number of days. The Holy Spirit Christ energy has been using love to sweep the planet to combat the heightened anger and fear unrest that has been taking place this past week. This negative energy has exploded causing some of the particles to touch against the etheric shadow gauntlet that separates the first realm world from the Earthly material plane. Luckily, it’s unable to penetrate the plane as that kind of dark energy burns up and dies before it hits the first atoms of Light that surround it. Yet, this is still a serious concern that humankind is in this constant state of disturbance that has no basis in real reality.

Take a step back from the drama swirling around in order to see the bigger picture. This also helps you see the real truth. Those that missed some of the key Christ and Holy Spirit reminder posts are below.



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