Allow your thoughts to run down the list of why you are blessed.

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We are in the throes of the Full Moon tonight. This is a great time to release all toxic negativity you’ve absorbed all year. Never allow it to penetrate you so dangerously again. Take on a more balanced, compassionate, and optimistic view of circumstances moving forward into this next chapter. The Full Moon is gliding through the sign of Taurus which highlights thoughts and feelings surrounding all things security based. When one feels as if their foundation is ruptured, then this can drop your energy down into the intense depths of upset. This is a stronger moon energy than usual which has been felt over the last three days and will be felt intensely through Thursday. Release anything or anyone filled with a low vibration, you don’t need it.

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My Jesus wall sculpture. You may have noticed that my Facebook post about Jesus post- U.S. Election was time stamped at 11:11. That actually wasn’t intentional. I just noticed that today. Those numbers have a super high vibrational energy with it. It further emphasizes that there is a holy flow of synchronicity happening with the most recent current events. As stated in that post, everything that has taken place was intended to. The Holy Spirit is continuing to work hard mending the hearts of those in the throes of fear and anger energy over the recent U.S. Election. His love is all around in the air to set you free.

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When you wake up every day, one of the first phrases that should enter your mind is, “I am blessed.”  Allow your thoughts to run down the list of why you are blessed. Gratitude is a high vibrational energy that helps in attracting in good stuff to you.

Raising Your Vibration in order to fine tune your body and soul
to receive messages from Heaven.

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