Holy Spirit working tirelessly to awaken the hearts of those stuck in anger and fear following U.S. Election.

No automatic alt text available.We have to get back to our regular scheduled programming now that this absurdly lengthy U.S. election process is over. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the next juncture of human history. We bring all of this to a close on the Full Moon Monday. Begin releasing any toxicity you’ve absorbed connected to the darkness that the ego has placed upon humankind.

I’ve been receiving the strong Christ presence this week, which has not happened in awhile on such a large scale. The Holy Spirit has been working tirelessly to awaken the hearts of those stuck in perpetual anger and fear.

When Christ usually comes in around me, this is because a massive love healing wave is desperately needed. It is not present at all anymore. It’s always been low, but the last number of years it’s been exceptionally diminished that it’s now undetectable. I cannot believe the human race has allowed it to get that far. A soul cannot thrive without love!

The ego throws a tantrum when circumstances don’t go its way. You have one set of egos unable to accept the recent U.S. election results and let it go and move on. They are mired and weighed down in this toxic yucky dark space of hostile anger and negativity. Then you have others who are using this recent election event as a reason to perpetuate hatred on someone else because they appear different in their eyes or live differently, which is also unacceptable.

Both sides are pointing the finger, but both sides are equally guilty. It may not seem like it, but all of those souls are in the minority. They’re just screaming the loudest so it seems like it’s everybody, but it’s really not. I’ve said it for years, ignore the egos tricks! It lures you into it’s pit like a magnet.

How you get to that serene space is by moving into a neutral central balanced position viewing everything through an emotionally detached lens. It is by accepting the fact that events take place in human history for reasons that you might not be able to understand or comprehend today. When you are that far gone into the depths of the ego you won’t see it. It’s impossible. It’s like looking at a permanent black screen of nothingness.

From a personal point of view, I’ve been indifferent to all presidential candidates throughout history. This is because I am the president of me. I don’t know how to give my power away like that to someone else, let alone a President. A President will not change your life. I also place my trust in the hands of God and my Spirit team over anything or anyone else.

I have no judgement of this new President or the candidate he was running against. My team has always shown him as being elected, so I’ve kept a close eye on him with emotional detachment. I don’t view events through the same filter that the human ego views things. It’s a removed balanced approached like a mediator or judge listening to all sides and reviewing the facts.

There are good and bad people in every group, and every demographic imaginable. It is not resorted to one clique. When you point the finger at one group alone, then you’re not having the understanding of the concept that all souls are equal.

It is time to put this to rest and leave it in God’s hands. Find the space of compassion and forgiveness for all around you, including the candidate you’re not happy with, or the candidate you love. This is in order to be freed from the self imposed prison that is of your own design. You’ve allowed the media, social media, and your peers to influence your perspective, and throw you into this whirlwind of nonsense that is not based in reality at all in the end.

Christ and his disciples along with many angels will be working to ease the minds and hearts of those stuck in negativity on any level, especially those stuck in anger mode over human current events. None of it is as real as the ego is making it out to be, and no one is really in any true danger, so there is no reason to be in anxiety ridden panic mode. All is always well in the end. 


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