Four of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: outdoor and one or more peopleTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Four of Wands is a fantastic card to get on all levels. It is implying that the solid security and foundation you desire is here now or is on its way. It’s the completion of a creative project or work endeavor where abundance is inbound. It can be purchasing a new home or celebrating the success of something, whether it’s a job offer or new love relationship.

This is also about celebrating how far you’ve come on any level including spiritually. It can be asking you to take time for yourself to do something fun, go out with a friend, or throw a party. The Four of Wands asks you to bask in your current blessings and enjoy what you have. Perhaps you entered into a new relationship or started a new job. This is about being in a place where you can relax as all is taken care of for you. This is one of the dreams come true messages associated with luxury.

In a love relationship, this can indicate a stronger commitment such as marriage, a wedding, proposals, or two people acknowledging they are in a long term relationship by having the talk. When wondering about a potential love partner, the Four of Wands can indicate the person is strong, secure, and stable. They are marriage material and seeking a long term love relationship.

The traditional image of this card shows two people hanging with each other outdoors with four wands forming a square around them. This symbolizes strong stability. This is a couple that is serious about each other and have plans to continue to grow and expand.

The Four of Wands can forecast that the love relationship coming in is the marriage or long term relationship partner. It would also show you two living together and creating a life with one another.

If you’ve been in an unhappy situation, the Four of Wands shows you breaking out of that and finding freedom where you’re the one in control of you. In the end, the message with this card shows a period of uplifting joyful energy where everything feels wonderfully secure.


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